Nancy Terzian

Nancy Terzian


Blue-eyed soul from a brown-eyed girl--sensuous, soulful, and sweet.


The names of cities like Detroit, Memphis, Chicago and New York bring to mind the famous birthplaces of the greatest soul music ever created-Motown, Stax, Chess Brothers, Atlantic. The deep affection for this music has been instilled in millions of people for decades; Nancy Terzian's music quickly brings these emotional memories back to life.

Nancy's current project, "Violet", captures the soul/pop/blues sound of her singing, songwriting, performance and passion. The album undoubtedly brings to mind Dusty Springfield's smoky sensuality as well as the vulnerable honesty of singers like Eva Cassidy and kd lang. Her partners in this creation are some of the greatest music sculptors of all time. Producer Bob Olhsson, an engineer at Motown in Detroit in its heyday, has gathered a team of star players for Nancy's solo debut. Guitarist Reggie Young is known for his work with everyone from Elvis Presley to Wilson Pickett, as well as having contributed to the classic country/soul record "Dusty in Memphis." Bassist Bob Babbitt, one of the famous Funk Brothers, has played on many of Motown's historic recordings from Marvin Gaye to Stevie Wonder. Drummer Ed Greene is known for his work with Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Hall & Oates and countless others, and Jim "Turbo" Kirby toured as Roy Orbison's keyboardist for over a decade. With the help of producer/engineer Joe Hand, Nancy also gathered several Nashville musical guests to round out the tracks, including one-time Reba McEntire sideman Joe McGlohon on sax, Ronnie Brown on keyboard-strings, The Believers, Jim Photoglo, Lauren Ellis and more.

Nancy has a voice that has been called "haunting and graceful" by San Francisco Bay Area Music Magazine. Sing Out magazine sighted her as "one of the better singers you've never heard of." She won the 2004 Nashville Song Search and has been a finalist in several national songwriting competitions including the highly-esteemed Kerrville Folk Festival.

"Violet" goes in a new direction for Nancy. Born and raised in upstate New York, she is known to many fans from her critically acclaimed San Francisco, CA-based group, The Westerleys. The Westerleys performed at many festivals, including the Kerrville Music Festival in Texas, the Strawberry Music Festival and the Napa Valley Music Festival in California, the Blissfest in Michigan and the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival in New York. Through her work with the band, Terzian's songs have had airplay on radio stations throughout the U.S., Canada, and Europe. The Westerleys' 1998 CD, "a blessing and a curse," charted on the Americana charts, and featured beautifully blended tight harmonies that prompted no less than Guy Clark to say, "Y'all sound like a million bucks."


The Dirty Man

Written By: Nancy Terzian ©Galway Lake Music (SESAC)

The dirty man
came over to my place
crawled into my crawl space

Said hey, make no mistake
I’ll be in touch
I won’t charge too much
you’re in luck

I’m the dirty man
I’ve got an exemption from redemption
I’m the dirty man
and you like me
just the way I am

The dirty man
got into my system
imparted his wisdom

Said hey, I’m toxic and
A bad mate to be
but I’ll blow your mind free
Can’t you see

Repeat CH

The dirty man
takes no for an answer
goes home with a dancer

Says hey, I like your sheets
high thread count...nice
I’ll bring a bottle round tonight
let’s not fight

Repeat CH

One Little Step

Written By: Nancy Terzian ©Galway Lake Music (SESAC)

If you would take
one little step
here to my heart
you’d find

All of the love
you never got
waiting for you
shining so bright

Standing here face to face
We’re close enough to touch
It’s so clear
the chance we could take
Do you want to move closer
Closer to love

So if I take
one little step
There to your heart
would I find

That you’d open up
That you’d want my love
Or would you turn away
from one little step

Always Be My Man

Written By: Nancy Terzian ©Galway Lake Music (SESAC)

I knew you were coming
I felt you all around
I opened up that door for you and
you came and walked right through

So walk on with my honey
On through our lives
Arm in arm
and side by side
Walk on with me baby
Let’s make a plan
I’m always gonna be your woman
Always be my man

It’s true you came to me
How good to come alive
You bring me sweetness, yes you do
I’m shining just like new

Repeat CH

Now I don’t get my satisfaction
from anybody else
And if you start to doubt my lovin’
Darlin what the heeeeeyyyyyy......
You’ll always be my man

Repeat Verse 1
Repeat Chorus


2005 solo release from Nancy Terzian: "Violet" (some tracks will be uploaded to this EPK)

Also released 2 full-length CDs with old band:
The Westerleys: a blessing and a curse
The Westerleys: Stumblin' to Gloryland

Set List

Set length typically runs around 45 minutes.
Nancy will play 1-3 sets a night, mixing sultry originals with r & b covers such as "Son of a Preacher Man," (Dusty Springfield) "Til You Come Back To Me,"(Aretha Franklin), "New York State of Mind" (Billy Joel) and "Good Enough" (Bonnie Raitt).