Nancy Vieira

Nancy Vieira

 Lisbon, Lisbon, PRT


Nancy Vieira

To say that Nancy Vieira is Cape Verdean may be a way of explaining her innate musical talent but that would not be the whole story. A whole train of emotions emerge from her individual way of feeling and interpreting the events of life with sweetness, subtlety, rhythm and strength, reflecting the sweet melancholy that mirrors the Cape Verdean soul. Cape Verde is the inspiration! It is cause and effect in her singing. The world is her stage and an integral part of the cultural miscellany that influences her.

The singers repertoire, based on traditional Cape Verdean rhythms, is mainly accompanied by acoustic instruments which highlight the simplicity and good taste of the musical arrangements. Nancy Vieira presents herself as part of a tradition established by older Cape Verdean singers, and the resemblance is obvious in the way she sings morna.

In 1995 she released her first album, Ns Raa. In 2004, Segred secured her a place on the World Music scene, attracting the attention of specialist critics and the general public alike.

In 2007, she launched Lus, her third album, in Portugal, Cape Verde and Japan, in which, together with Tito Paris, she sings a version of the symbolic Esperana de Mar Azul.

Her unique voice justified the Harmonia Mundi/World Village worldwide release of Lus in 2009, which led to her involvement in various projects with artists such as Juan Medrano Cotito, Rui Veloso, Ala dos Namorados and Dany Silva. In 2009 she was also invited to sing on the Pssaro Cego album featuring music by Manuel Paulo and lyrics by Joo Monge, which was released in October of the same year.

Now with three albums to her name Ns Raa, Segred and Lus Nancy Vieira has performed in Portugal (the country where she lives), Cape Verde and many other countries around the world, including Spain, the United Kingdom, Holland, Belgium, Luxemburg, Greece, Italy, the United States, Brazil and Angola.

She has shared the stage with some of the most iconic names in Cape Verdean music, such as Cesria vora, Bana, Tito Paris, Ildo Lobo, Boy G Mendes and others.

Lusafrica is preparing to release her fourth album in 2011!



Written By: Vadú

Lua soma
La riba na céu
Trazenu lus
Pa lumia nos caminho

Trazenu lus
Trazenu fé
Trazenu força
Trazenu coragi
Pa manhan ser um dia diferenti

É Lua ki soma
É lus ki raia
Sperança ma manhan tudo ta midjora

Lua, Lua
Ééé Lua, Lua
Lua, Lua
Ééé lus ki raia


The moon appeared in the sky and brought us light, faith, strength and courage to light up our path. The moon appeared, the light was bright and made us hope that tomorrow all things will get better.

Esperança de Mar Azul

Written By: Teófilo Chantre

Nunca no zangá
Nunca no tive um briga feia
Nunca no pensá na separação
Nunca no fri nos coração
Deus ta levano sempre assim
Na paz, amor e carinho
'Mod'vida tem tempestade
Vento di Norte, vento di Sul

Ma esperança di mar azul
É pa quem tem fé na sê amor
Esperança di mar azul
É pa quem tem fê na sê amor


We were never angry at each other, never even thought of separation, we never hurt each other's hearts. May god always keep us like this, for life has its storms, Northern winds and Southern winds. The hope of a blue sea is for those who have faith in their love.

Manso Malondre

Written By: Jon Luz

Manso, manso, manso
Na monse, na lume bronde el quemame

Na monse nho monse malondre
Na conte el pegá el pome
Na monse nho monse malondre
Na monse, na lume bronde el quemame

Mi era um santa
Chei de razão, chei de vida
El txmame querida
El estendeme sê manta

El quemame na lume bronde
N'um ritual estronhe

Nha monse matame frio
Já m'perdê nha brio
Ó q'quentura de vida
M'kre ser querida tud dia

Pal quemame na lume bronde
N'um ritual estronhe


Gentle, he heated me up in a slow burn. I was a saint, full of life. He called me honey and heated me up in a slow burn, in a strange ritual. I want to be his baby every day, so that he can heat me up in a slow burn, in a strange ritual.

É Morna

Written By: Riko Dorileo

Êss sodade qui ta invadime nha peito
É morna
Êss vontade d'oiá risonho tud êss nos povo
É morna
Tud alegria d'encontrá um velho amigo
É morna
Tud quel ternura na olhar d'um criança
É morna
Quel lua cheia qui ta invadi nos lar
É morna
Quel água azul de mar q'ta cercá nos terra
É morna
Quel morabeza encontrod pa tud sê conte
E aquel lembrança de ter cunchid Cabo Verde
Até um lágrima de quem ta sofrê d'amor
É morna


That's morna the longing, the crave to see our people smiling, finding an old friend, the look in a child's eyes, the full moon, that blue sea, the morabeza and the memory of Cape Verde. Even the tears of someone who is lovesick is a morna.

Nôs Dom

Written By: Jeorge "Djim" Job & Carlos "Kalu" Monteiro

Sol já camba, ness dia maravilhoso
Hoje tem festa pa tud conte
No orienta no bá vivê
Ca bo estranha
Nôs terrinha é sab e feliz
Morabeza é nôs virtude
Convivência é nôs dom

Él é pa no ama e apreciá
El é di nos, nos terra sabi
Si no ca dal amor e valor
Ai de nos Cabo Verde

San Jon rapicá
Coladera pa colá
Bandera c'sê coladera
Tchabeta ma sê batuco
Nôs tradiçon, nostalgia sem igual,
Nôs glória é infinito
Ca tem terra más sab ness mund

Se convivência é nôs dom
Ca tem terra más sab ness mund


The Sun set. Party is everywhere! The morabeza is our feature. Our land must be loved and protected. We heard the sounds of Saint John and we danced. In our tradition there is an unique nostalgia but there is no better land in the whole world.


Lus (2007) | Segred (2004) | Nôs Raça (1995)