Nandi brings a rich flavour to the sounds of R&B. Life experiences have magnified her hearty sound, and her lyrics are inspiring to all.


Nandi was born in South Africa, but after the elections in 1994, with her step-father as an ambassador, she and her family left South Africa and she’s been travelling the world since.
Nandi has struggled with making the decision of what to do in life. Talented in academics, music and theatre, high school was very busy for this young lady, where everything she touched turned to gold. She decided to do her BBA in Communication and French through correspondence study. Nandi knows she can do business and still pursue her passion of music, then she’ll make a career of the two.

She has been singing since she was young, under the influence of her aunt who was well known jazz singer in South Africa. During the days of Apartheid Nandi learnt the power of music. Growing up in many different countries around the world – Nigeria, U.S.A, England, Switzerland, Togo, Cuba – Nandi’s musical tastes are diverse, and with that she is slowly creating her own original blend of R&B.
Performing at small venues around the world, she is slowly getting recognition, not only as a singer but as a songwriter as well. But it is here, in Canada that she has chosen to plant her seeds. Having only just arrived in Ottawa this year, Nandi is already making a name for herself. With a smooth, hearty voice and her magnetic presence, Nandi captures and holds the attention of all who hear her sing.
Nandi is currently working on an album that she is writing and producing with a well known European DJ/Producer, DJ Tasty. This persistent duo work tirelessly to achieve their goals, and with their contrasting backgrounds they mesh together to create a unique balance heard in their musical style. Nandi is currently showcasing this material in Ottawa. The genuine and bright personality she brings to her performances has led to a great audience reception.

Her long time aspiration is to own a record label that represents and brings together diverse international artists to share and spread their talent to music listeners worldwide.

Set List

Originals by Nandi
Covers by:
Lauryn Hill, Mary J.Blige, Alicia Keys, Usher, Toni Braxton, Aaliyah, Angie Stone, TLC, Bongo Maffin, Brandy

40 minute set