Nani and Zonnie

Nani and Zonnie


Nani and Zonnie is a mixed-genre duo of Electronic and Folk music, or Electro-Folk, based in Brooklyn and Atlanta. The lyrics and guitar rhythms follow the folk tradition of storytelling with the added punch of electronic and hip hop drumbeats and layers of synths.


Nani and Zonnie is Nani Mathews, of Brooklyn NY, and Andrew Zonneveld, of Atlanta GA. Nani and Zonnie, partners in thought crime, began exchanging ideas over the internet in late 2010. Their first album is set to be released, just one year later, in the winter of 2011.

The chemistry between this cross country duo has been explosive. The entire first album was written and recorded in early January of 2011 after only four days in the studio.
Since January, the album has come full circle and is nearing completion. Ten tracks of the original 13 recorded are slated to be released on their debut album, Subversion and Romancing Dissent.

Nani was inspired to pick up the guitar after a chance encounter with an old wise man at a bar. At the age of eight, Nani spent most of her evenings sitting at the bar where both her mother and father worked, who were often unable to afford a babysitter. One evening, Nani sat enjoying a Shirley Temple on a bar stool far too tall for her short dangling legs and swaying to the best country tunes that an old southern Moose Lodge had to offer. A much older man she had been chatting to about class and school leaned into her and slid an old nylon guitar pick across the bar. "You oughta play guitar one day," he said while sipping his whiskey on the rocks.

Stashing the pick away in the bottom of a dusty jewelry box, eight years later, at the age of 16, Nani bought her first guitar and played Amazing Grace with that same old nylon pick.

In her teens, Nani wrote and played music in her church. These days, her music has taken a big turn from Amazing Grace and hymnals but the remnants of repentance and grace still linger in her lyrics.

Growing up in Atlanta, Zonnie began playing guitar and writing songs in his early teens. Since that time, he has written, sang, and performed with several different bands in the area.

As a songwriter, Zonnie hopes to bring to light many social injustices too often taken for granted. The exploitative nature of the wage system, the global presence and effect of nationalism and empire, and the real potential for a more free society governed directly by the working-class, are some of the topics and circumstances that inform his writing.

When Nani and Zonnie began working together in late 2010, both were feverishly studying the effects of globalization and imperialism. The duo connected immediately on topics of leftist politics and began exchanging lyrics. From there, the music was easy. The sultry vocals that Nani provide fit right in line with Zonnie's deep, boomy and authoriatative voice.

Nani and Zonnie have a wide range of influences, including musicians, writers, revolutionaries and philosophers.
Some influences include, Emma Goldman, Marvin Gaye, Social Distortion, George Orwell, Johnny Cash, Public Enemy, Depeche Mode, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Janelle Monae, Joe Hill, Fiest, Staughton Lynd, Talib Kweli, Murray Bookchin, Metric, Mos Def, Dead Kennedys, Upton Sinclair, Over the Rhine, David Bowie, Emily Haines, Albert and Lucy Parsons.



Written By: Nani and Zonnie

Darkness burst in and choked the light,
Bodies prostrate in the dead of night,
REM is not a place that I can hide,
My blood boils with the tendency to Fight!

Paint the threshold, protect the lives.
Hide away the secrets, out of sight.
Rest is unrest on immoral nights.
My blood boils with the tendency to Fight!

Imperial soldiers bleeding lives,
murder children then apologize.
That kind of nerves really blows my mind
and I can't shake this tendency to fight!

Helicopters hover every night,
they gun you down when you step outside,
then tell us this is all for human rights!
So, whats wrong with my tendency to fight?

I's no surprise I can't stand the sight
of TV faces as they compromise.
I hug my children and kiss them goodnight.
My blood is boiling, I'm off to join the fight!

Is this what it took for me to realize,
that I can't submit to being colonized?
Or we'll live in fright for the rest of our lives.
My blood is boiling, it's time to join the fight!

Constant Evaporation

Written By: Nani Mathews

Constant evaporation, white soaked in the dark
Rushing air around abound us, words all fall apart
Fallen and broken nations, as common as broken hearts
Pangaea spread, deep like the plague, and gentrified our parts
Sum is the final answer, if your eyes are closed
While open lids preach "What gives?" and all our friends are foes
Everyone's out to get me, hot breath on my back
Long black tailcoats wrap around me and push me down the path

Hot and wet humid lust touches on my ears
Ashes of human dust piles for years and years
We don't ask the questions, mouths shut tight in fear
Private trepidation, sighs that no one hears

Dios, Hallelujah, singing hallow be thy name
Black hand fools praise the coals underneath the flames
Fire cracks and rages and swallows air with force
Praise your men and praise you gods, I still praise the source

On the Run

Written By: Andrew Zonneveld

Run, as fast as you can!
You're life is written in sand.
And when you're down, ringing your hands,
get out! Take a stand!

They say:
"Tread lightly! Keep your voice down!"
When you're found out you're on the run.

On the run!

I've seen the drugged,
the doped and depressed.
I've seen their souls
ripped straight from their chests

But as for the rest
of you thoughtless drones
moving quietly in lines,
crowded and alone

You're so empty!
Everything you know is fucked!
Oh well...
I guess it's just your luck, you're on the run.

On the run!


Subversion and Romancing Dissent