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For a musician like Nano Uribe, making music seems to simply be something he has to do. It doesn’t seem to matter much what kind of music, it only matters that the guy is making it at all. Well known as a member of Storyboard until that band’s eventual demise, Uribe has been kept busy playing with experimental noisemakers Aurora and creating electronic music of his own, but the upcoming Project HOPE benefit concert is giving him the opportunity to put his newest endeavour up on stage for the first time.

“I put together a band. After Storyboard broke up, I pretty much wanted to do my own music. I was writing a lot of the stuff for Storyboard so I wanted to put my name out there and do everything myself,” he says, noting that this new band will bear some similarity to Storyboard, but it is also significantly different. “It’s 100 per cent me, and I’m trying to make it a lot more diverse. When people thought of Storyboard they thought ‘Radiohead’ or ‘Shoegaze-y’—in this band there’s going to be electronic music, there’s going to be some acoustic folky stuff with glockenspiel and acoustic guitars, there’s a lot more vocals in the band, there’s three singers in the band, so lots of lush harmonies, and I get to fool around a bit more because everyone in the band is an incredible musician.”

Those incredible musicians—including Dave Meagher, Allan Harding, Janet Chung, Katie Perman, John Beleshko and Matt Meeboer, and who, for this show, are calling themselves the Ballad of Gales, though they have decided to change names with every show—aren’t quite enough to keep Uribe from getting stage fright as he prepares to put his solo project out there for the whole city to see.

“This is the first time I’ve ever gone up with just my name and played a set,” he says. “I’m petrified right now. You go through the whole ‘are the songs good enough?’ thing and you always want to proceed from your last project.

“If someone says, ‘His old stuff was better,’ that’ll kill me,” he adds with a laugh.

Project HOPE offers an excellent way to deliver his first show. With a built-in crowd that is there to help with various infrastructure projects in developing countries, Uribe not only helps underprivileged members of our world community, but also gets the new sound out to a wide range of people.

“I read their whole mission statement thing about 4 or 5 years ago, and I’ve supported it ever since,” Uribe explains, noting he’s attended almost all of Project HOPE’s events. “It’s a great opportunity to get the band name out there.” V - Vue weekly


Rosslyn's Song - Released as part of the Project Hope 2008 Compilation



Picture a soundtrack to the most beautiful movie never filmed, that is the sound of Nano Uribe. A band consisting of 5 of Edmonton's top musicians, bringing together a sound that is both unmistakable and unlike anything else you've ever heard. Haunting vocals against a backdrop of organized chaos, their music is a stunning amalgamation of varied musical styles, from the orchestral builds of post rock music to the subtle beauty of Chilean folk.

Formed a little more than a year ago, Nano Uribe started of with a bang, playing their first show at Edmonton's premier music venue The Starlite Room. A venue that most local bands rarely have a chance to play, it seemed Nano Uribe & his band were set to take the city by storm. Their career has been moving at a maddening pace since that day, recently they performed at the Western Canadian Video Awards (WCVAs) solidifying their place amongst the tenured talent that Edmonton has to offer.

Their success at such an early stage may have the pundits screaming "too much too soon!", but it's all atributed to the experience amongst the band members. Katie Perman (piano, synth, vocals & percussion) has had a successful career providing vocals to many Edmonton groups, Dave Meager (drums, glockenspiel) has drummed for local favorites Five O'Clock Charlie, Matt Meeboer (guitar) had risen from the ashes of Veil Maker to join Allan Harding (bass) and Nano Uribe (Vocals, guitars, synth) in their previous band Aurora.

Nano Uribe has spent the better part of a decade behind the microphone. He is the acclaimed singer/songwriter behind Storyboard, a local indie band that was well received by concert goer and critic alike, even catching the attention of Arts & Crafts' Stars. After the demise of Storyboard, Nano went on to join current bandmates Matt Meeboer and Allan Harding in the band Aurora. Local music fans had yet to hear the full potential of Nano Uribe. Now, armed with a band chock full of enthusiasm and endless talent, Nano Uribe is set to bring your ears what they've been longing for.