Rock n' Roll. Female singer/songwriter with uber talented rock band. Sometimes heavy, sometimes sweet, sometimes jazzy. She plays acoustic guitar, but sticks close to her rock roots, creating an original sound.


After fronting the Atlanta based rock band named after her, Nanyana Summer enters 2009 as a fast emerging solo artist. Staying true to her aggressive roots & rock influences, Nanyana shares her own compositions capturing the hearts of audiences across the southeast. She added two talented electric guitarists, JJ Boogie from the acclaimed Grammy award winning positive hip-hop group Arrested Development and the jazz & classically trained Dean Coppolino. In addition, she is joined by Richard 'Thunder' Jones and Adam Maurasse making and infectious rhythm section. She is often flabbergasted by their talent, and all of them together create a soulful chemistry, fueling and enhancing Nanyana's prolific original music. This is a 5 piece roots rock band with harmony electric guitars blended with acoustic rhythm and rich female vocals that fuses the styles of Bonnie Raitt, KT Tunstall and Alanis Morissette together beautifully.



Written By: NANYANA

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NANYANA (the band) - May 2002

Nanyana Summer- MY ROCK YOUR WORLD -summer 09

Set List

Mostly orriginal songs with a soulful acoustic rock music with a blues flavor.
Can do up to 3, 45 min-1hr sets....

A taste of some covers:
Steely Dan-Do it again
Jimi Hendrix-All along the Watch Tower
Bonnie Rait-Can't Make You Love me
Chris Issac-Wicked Game
U2-With or Without You
Gnarles Barkley-Crazy
Audio Slave-Like a Stone
Freddie King-Hideaway
Tom Petty-Won't Back Down
Robert Nighthawk- Robert Nighthawk Stomp
Dido- White Flag
Coat of Many Colors-Dolly Parton
The Chicken- Jaco Pastorus
Gnarles Barkley-Crazy
Audioslave-Like a Stone