Naomi LaViolette

Naomi LaViolette

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Rooted in jazz and classical piano, but set free by pop and originality. If Sarah McLachlan and Madeleine Peyroux took a road trip down the rocky shores of the Oregon Coast, they'd come back with songs like this.


Naomi LaViolette, songwriter, pianist, and vocalist, has found an acoustic niche between the worlds of folk singer-songwriters and jazz soulstresses. Her music takes two parts Sarah MacLachlan, one part Joni Mitchell, and adds a dash of Madeleine Peyroux’s understated elegance for a concoction that is extremely palatable, sweet, and soulful. LaViolette’s debut album, self-titled Naomi LaViolette (2012), features 10 original songs, as well her own arrangements of George Gershwin’s “Our Love Is Here to Stay” and Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now”.
As a songwriter, LaViolette composes from an authentic outpouring of life experiences. She writes songs about falling in love and staying in love. One song is a lullaby. She writes about heartbreak, life’s tough questions, and finding answers in surprising places. As one born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, her songs often contain inspiration from the natural world, reflecting a sort of wild, uncontained beauty. “In artistic expression,” says LaViolette, “we find places to stand in a world that is constantly changing. We discover what is most important in our lives, and understand our trials and joys at a deeper level.”
LaViolette’s music strikes a distinctive balance between soul-filled honesty and a variety of musical styles. Her roots are deep in classical music, with a master’s degree in classical piano performance. She’s immersed herself in jazz standards, folk songs, soul, pop and gospel music. All these influences weave in and throughout LaViolette’s songs, creating a musical vibe that is both vintage and current.
LaViolette has performed in a diversity of venues, from jazz clubs to farmer’s markets and esteemed concert series. She often collaborates with guest artists at her shows, sharing the stage with both seasoned and emerging musicians. In each show her songs speak to the heart, and she wins audiences over with musicianship and vulnerability.
FULL-LENGTH ALBUM: "Naomi LaViolette"
LaViolette fronts her album at the piano, with lead vocal, background vocals, synth creations and harmonica. The album also features guitarist Tim Ellis (Kung Fu Bakery Owner/Producer, Craig Carothers, Aaron Meyer), bassist Bill Athens (Nancy King, Mary Kadderly, Trio SubTonic) and drummer Jeramy Burchett (Dirt Poor Robins, 5 O’Clock People). The album is produced and engineered by Dean Baskerville (Sheryl Crow, Everclear, Pink Martini).


Words or not

Written By: Naomi LaViolette

I won’t try to be too deep, I won’t try to be profound
I’ll just try to bare my soul, and hope that somewhere you can be found

I’m not interested in mere words, I don’t feel like I have a point to make
I just want to communicate. I hope that I will have what it takes

Why is it so hard to put my heart on my sleeve?
What can I say, when you already know what’s on my heart?
I try to find just the right words for you
But what can I say, when you already know what’s on my heart?
Just love me for who I am, words or not

I’m looking for some light, why is the world so dark
I’m standing on a rock, but the ground around me is trembling

Still I will find my heart right in the palm of your hand
And I’ll read between these lines, maybe someday I’ll understand

Somewhere new to stand

Written By: Naomi LaViolette

Reaching out, reaching in
Not really sure just where to begin
Here I am still holding my shoes
I’ve got nothing to lose

When all of life seems to fall apart
And all I hear is the break of my heart
That time when nothing feels real anymore
And I’m at an open door

Gotta find somewhere new to stand
These things I’ve held so tight in my hand
Somehow I knew they would one day break
And now that I am finally awake
I gotta find somewhere new to stand

I’ve got my shoes on, I’m tying the laces
I’ll run on out to the open spaces
Fill my lungs, take a deep breath
Feel this pain, feel this death

All those places I’ve been torn
Yeah it’s time for all of it to be reborn
I can’t go back to where I was before
‘Cause its not there anymore

Here I go, I’m runnin’, and I’m bringing all my brokenness
I’ll pound it out, yeah runnin’, to somewhere I can lay down this mess
Come on, gotta keep runnin’, to somewhere filled with fire
That doesn’t burn, but takes these cracks and tears, and fills them up with light


Words Or Not - Single
Naomi LaViolette - self-titled debut full-length album