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Naomi Psalm

Meridian, Idaho, United States | SELF

Meridian, Idaho, United States | SELF
Band Pop Singer/Songwriter


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"Naomi Psalm "Stare" CD review"

It all started when I posted in a local facebook group page that I was looking for acts to showcase at Kevro Art Bar in Delray Beach Florida. I received an e-mail from a lady in Boise Idaho named Naomi said she would be in town and would like to showcase her new EP "Stare" and would appreciate any help in getting other shows. She told me that we had a friend in common Rob Rice who taught her how to play guitar when she was a little girl living in South Florida .....Now I met Rob through my bass player Chris Korzen. Chris hooked Rob up with a local Band Underground Junction whom he played bass with for a short time with my good friend Glenn Goss and Steven Bauer of Scareface fame...Rob is a great bass player so I took the time to check her music out and I'm glad I did.

The first song I came across was clever piece of work titled "Already Hit Send" and I think this is the button that everyone in the world of texting has pushed and regretted!!! This Cd is well produced with strong vocals and nice instrumentation through out the whole EP.

The next one is a song that is a little darker titled "Ink" this was written about Naomi's brother and a personal tragedy she had gone through as she told us in an interview on with Jacqueline Jax and myself. She was also in town for a video shoot in Miami at the old Miami Marine Stadium for this tune on a rainy and cold weekend in South Florida and a great back drop for this tribute to her brother. We are looking forward for its release at A.V.A.Radio.

Last but not least is a song titled "Listen" a song Naomi said was a old song she revamped from her archive of songs and just as the title suggests listen to this song it's inspiring lyrics and great melody will hook you for sure and my personal favorite. Again production by Dammien "Dame" Alexander is outstanding.

If there is a negative to this Cd is there is not enough tracks on it and we look forward to her full length Cd in 2012.. "Stare" by Naomi Psalm is available on iTunes and through her website link above.
Dec 2011

- Steve Minotti A.V.A. Live Radio Reporter

"Boise Weekly Review of Naomi Psalm & The Blue Cinema"

Formerly a solo act, singer-songwriter and guitarist Naomi Psalm now works with a full band, The Blue Cinema, comprised of Dan Costello, Mike Tetro, Rob Hill and the occasional synth player. Psalm, a Florida native, provides vocals for her most recent album, Stare.

Psalm's creations can be somber, poignant and even reverent, her talents akin to Sarah McLachlan. On "Dinner's Late," amid meandering guitar track intros, Psalm comes on sounding like Michelle Branch.

But the band built around Psalm sets her apart from the "woman plus guitar" Lilith Fair trope, bringing back the depth of sound so often missing with a solo artist. "Gazing" goes much more country, channeling Shania Twain, while "Ink" stands alone in its more urban feel, with a grainy synth underlying twangy bass--these songs are made whole by the band.

But not every song on Stare is a gem. "Already Hit Send," as the title suggests, is all about how Psalm sent a text message too soon. She sings in a whispery cadence, "In the same room / it's much clearer / in the same room / we connect." From there, the song bleeds into a chorus that's a cliche-riddled dedication to the metaphor, with lyrics like, "Connection lost, mis-under-stood" and "What did you mean / what did you mean?" At least the song doesn't end with, "Do u like me lol?"

Sometimes sappy, Stare could be written off as vanilla, but strong talent is there. In the same way that macaroni and cheese pleases countless folks, Psalm and The Blue Cinema will surely scratch that comfort itch.
Feb. 2012

 - Andrew Crisp

"Writer for Greenbelt Magazine EP Review"

Naomi Psalm's latest album Stare is an outstretched hand, offering an invitation to step out of the murky mainstream and into the refreshing waters of memorable melodies. Though tracks are pop-laced (arguably the album's catchiest track, “I Already Hit Send” is fresh and attention-getting, appealing to the adult contemporary crowd that remembers Natalie Imbruglia's “Torn”), Psalm trades redundant, empty phrases in favor of brilliantly crafted passages that are heartfelt and genuine.

In “Gazing,” Psalm's crooning query (come in with me / dive in with me) is simultaneously eager and tentative, combining deep waters of authenticity with a healthy undercurrent of idealism. The bassy synth coupled with raw guitar licks found in “Ink” set a dramatic backdrop for Psalm's sensitive lyrics. And in “Listen,” Psalm weaves a melody with vocal threads that are both breathy and lilting, conveying a sincerity that is both pleasant and piercing.

Backed by industry veteran Dame Alexander, this fresh artist's resonant voice is a reminder that treasures are indeed found in deeper waters. Find Stare and download the EP at

- -Amber Daley, copy writer and editor; Greenbelt Magazine

"Radio Station Review"

Naomi Psalm featuring Blue Cinema Stare Naomi Psalm along with her band, Blue Cinema created a clean cut world of sound with Stare. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan are kicking themselves that “Already Hit Send” wasn’t created until now. The technology spun tune would’ve been perfect for the pairs back and forth on the big screen, while “Gazing” and its upbeat flow is bound to find itself among the iPods of anyone looking to attach their self to an upbeat flow. Listeners will hear a strong, feminine voice throughout Stare, especially in “Listen” and it’s clear message of “…surrender your pride, tear down the walls.” Half a dozen songs dealing with the ups and downs of relationships and life, this album will garner the likes of Sara Bareilles and Sarah McLachlan fans due to Stare’s lyrical content and airy flow between each track. Reviewed by Kendra Beltran of Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion - Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"Music Reviews"

Blue Cinema - Stare (Independent)
Naomi Psalm took 10 years out of a fledgling music career to raise a family, but now she’s back leading a new band, Blue Cinema (Rob Hill - bass, Mike Tetro – drums, Dan Costello - guitar). As singer, songwriter and rhythm guitarist, Psalm is very much at the centre of the project, and it’s the combination of her voice and songs, with some ambitious arrangements that allow “Stare” to stand out in a crowded marketplace.

The six tracks on the EP paint a remarkably coherent picture. Dammien Alexander’s production brings out the best in the songs, giving them space to come alive, but also adding layers of instruments that attract the ears like bee to pollen. Some examples: opening track “Already Hit Send” has the sort of loose insistent bass line that puts smiles on the faces, but it’s the pitter-patter synths simulating plucked orchestral strings that launches the track skywards. “Listen” is a splendid song with a velcro hook, and taken to a different level when the bass gets turned around and the tune isolated and dispersed.

Fans of grown-up pop, lively soft-rock and singer-songwriters like Carole King and Sheryl Crow should definitely have a listen.
Simon M. - Leicester Bangs


Dinner's Late Full Length 1996
Unsaid...Full Length 2001
Second Wind Full Length 2003
Stare 6 song EP 2011

Several of these tracks have radio airplay on blog talk radio and Patties Radio



Singer/songwriter Naomi Psalm from Florida began her music career at the age of 19. She traveled to over 30 countries doing volunteer work involving music. She has been compared to the likes of Sheryl Crow, Sarah Mclachlan and Natalie Merchant. With her compelling lyrics, you will no doubt attach yourself to her music as see yourself in the words she so powerfully sings. She released her 4th CD in May of 2011. Naomi currently resides near Boise, Idaho.