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"Nashim Magazine"

"The energy in the hall was electric, the colors spinning around everyone, but above all stood out the mighty voice of Teplow...with masive vitamins of smile, with a storm-wind spirit and lots of faith, she sings from the heart, and vibrates hidden cappilaries...Who would believe that until several years ago, this energy explosion sat in a bank and spoke to clients?" Dikla D. Gal-Ed, Nashim (Women) Magazine “ - Dikla D. Gilad

"Kaveret [Poogy]"

I was very impressed with her voice, her musicianship and her captivating personality.” Yoni Rechter (Kaveret-Poogy) - Yoni Rechter

"Eshet Chayil"

"Only a woman can sing 'Eshet Chayil' (Woman of Valor) this way. Listen to Nomi Teplow's rendition, the best singer that you don't yet know. Do yourselves a favor and listen to this amazing rendition of "Eshet Chayil"... In her music there is delicacy, tenderness, and attention to the inner voice, the one that always knows before we do." Maariv NRG - Maariv NRG

"Maariv Magazine"

"Nomi is very polished…The energy on stage at the Duhal Amphitheatre…[southern Tel Aviv] can light up the entire Ramat Gan [city north of Tel Aviv]." Shai Lahav, Weekend Magazine, Maariv
- Shai Lahav

"The Observer"

“[Nomi Teplow] brings with her vast experience in classical music, jazz and vocal arrangement and, above all, a voice extraordinary for its quality and its abundance of color and nuance.” Itai Indik, The Observer - Itai Indik


"Nomi Teplow is a unique phenomenon on the Jewish music scene... When this soul singer gets up on stage and begins to sing, the audience is riveted with wonder for she sets a different standard, higher than anything else known to date." Roni Maimon, Besheva - Roni Maimon

"Jewish Entertainment Resources"

“Nomi is blessed with an incredible vocal quality and range and her songs are both high energy and beautiful at the same time…[She has] a special gift for writing, singing and presenting her music to the public.” Judy Caplan Ginsburgh, Jewish Entertainment Resources

- Judy Caplan


“I have never heard prayer and song with such beauty. Nomi you are wonderful! You bring passages from the Tanach and Siddur to life. I wish the whole world could experience the ancient words you bring to us in such beautiful modern song. Todah Rabah!!!”

Stuart Mendel, review submitted to - Stuart Mendel

"Israel National Radio"

“I play Nomi’s music all the time. What a musical treat! Nomi has a magnificent, superbly trained voice. Nomi’s choice of texts, her moving presentation and the unique, artistic musical arrangements make this album a spiritually uplifting experience and all-round listening pleasure!” Liora Silverstein, Israel National Radio - Liora Silverstein

"Nomi is the up-and-coming singer for the millennium!"

“Nomi is the up-and-coming singer for the millennium!
Her vocal skill and emotion are rich and exciting. Never before has someone sung Hebrew in such a way that even one who has NO idea what the song means can be touched deeply.” Judi Gitel, Educator, St. Louis, MO
- Judi Gitel, Educator, St. Louis


Kumi Ori, Et Achi Anochi Mevakesh



Born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Nomi Teplow left the USA in 1990 to fulfill her lifelong dream of making her home in Israel. Nomi began her musical career singing both classical and popular music. A coloratura soprano, she gave recitals and concerts throughout Israel and performed as a soloist with many of Israel's symphony and chamber orchestras.
Nomi participated in several Israel Festival productions and her performances have been aired on Israeli radio and television. She has worked with leading Israeli artists such as Yoni Rechter and Shlomo Gronich.

Today Nomi writes and sings soul, pop and rock music with an Israeli/Jewish flavor.

Nomi’s songs are heard on Israeli and American Jewish radio stations and she performs her music throughout Israel bringing uplifting messages of faith, hope, and pride during these difficult times.

"Who Would believe that only a few years ago this huge energy bomb, Nomi Teplow, was sitting and dealing with customers at a bank".--Dikla D. Gilad, Nashim Magazine.