Ná Ozzetti

Ná Ozzetti

 São Paulo, São Paulo, BRA

Born in Sao Paulo and began her career as a member of Grupo Rumo and developed projects with musicians such as Jose Miguel Wisnik, Itamar Assumpcao, Luiz Tatit, Tom Ze..etc
Na Ozzetti is more than just a remarkable voice from Brazil. Na's singing is led by a radical way of interpretation.


Ná Ozzetti was Born in São Paulo and began her professional career in 1979 as a member of Grupo Rumo, recording six records and performing countless times for ten years.
In 1988, Ná released “NÁ OZZETTI”, her first solo by Gravadora Continental, which received the prestigious Sharp award and Lei Sarney Best New Talent Female Singer award.

Ná’s songs have always been highly appreciated by music critics and audience. Throughout her career, Ná has also developed projects with musicians José Miguel Wisnik, Itamar Assumpção, Luiz Tatit and Dante
Ozzetti, who have constantly been her musical partners.
She has also participated in Cds by Tom Zé, Zeca Baleiro, São Paulo’s Jazz Symphonic Orchestra, soundtracks for Grupo Corpo – Brazil’s leading dance company (“Parabelo”, by Zé Miguel Wisnik/Tom Zé) and films (“Cabra – Cega”, by Fernanda Porto), to name only a few of her works.
In September 2000, Ná won the award for Best Female Performer at the Brazilian Music Festival promoted by Rede Globo (TV Station) with the song “Show”, by Luiz Tatit and Fábio Tagliaferri.
As part of the award, in 2001 she released the CD “SHOW” by Som Livre, in which she performs sambas from the forties and fifties by consecrated Brazilian composers such as Dorival Caymmi, Herivelto Martins, Maysa, Ari Barroso, Tom Jobim, among others.
In 2005, Ná released a duo album with piano player and arranger André Mehmari, one of the greatest new talents in the Brazilian musical scene of the past few years. The repertoire offers a panoramic view of Brazilian songs, including traditional ones such as “Rosa” (by Pixinguinha) and “Bambino” (by Ernesto Nazareth/ lyrics by Zé Miguel Wisnik), songs by consecrated composers such as Tom Jobim, Caetano Veloso, Milton Nascimento, Egberto Gismonti and Chico Buarque de Hollanda, and by contemporary composers such as Luiz Tatit, Dante Ozzetti and André Mehmari himself.
Currently, Ná also works and performs with a quartet formed by Dante Ozzetti (acoustic guitar), Mário Manga (electric guitar and cello), Sérgio Reze (percussion) and Zé Alexandre Carvalho (bass), with whom she has just released a new CD 'Meu Quintal'


Solo discography
NÁ – 1994
ESTOPIM – 1999
SHOW – 2001

Set List

1ª A velha fiando (Dante Ozzetti/Luiz Tatit )
2ª Sobrenatural (Ná Ozzetti/Zélia Duncan)
3ª Entre o amor e o mar (Ná Ozzetti/Luiz Tatit)
4ª Tupi (Ná Ozzetti/Arthur Nestroviski)
5ª Acordo de amor (Ná Ozzetti/Alice Ruiz/Neco Prates)
6ª Língua afiada (Ná Ozzetti/Luiz Tatit)
7ª Ser estar (Ná Ozzetti/Alice Ruiz)
8ª Equilíbrio (Ná Ozzetti/Luiz Tatit)
9ª Onde a vista alcança (Ná Ozzetti/Makely Ka)
10ª Meu quintal (Ná Ozzetti/Luiz Tatit)
11ª Chuva (Ná Ozzetti/Carol Ribeiro)
12ª Baú de guardados (Ná Ozzetti/Alice Ruiz)