needles and pizza

needles and pizza


Rock n'roll duo from Portland, OR specializing in party jams and miniature epics. If crunchwrap supreme were a genre, fans would probably assume needles and/or pizza are into that because the influence is pretty obvious.


Needles and Pizza met on an extreme river adventure in 2012, and shortly after finding out that they were both in awesome bands (cat fancy!, k-tel 79, reverse dotty and the candy cane shivs) they agreed it was inevitable that they'd soon be joining forces in creating the most rockin' streamlined party band that ever fit into a sedan.

Part clever, part dumb, and part party parts, Needles and Pizza are equally at home exuding pop sexiness on large stages as they are channeling the dead shamans of post-punk next to the broken dryer in your basement. Also they are totally down for a BBQ.


[2013] - Soft Openings EP
[coming soon] - Gentle Bender