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Napoleon Skywalker

Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2009

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Established on Jan, 2009
Duo Electronic Experimental




"Napoleon Skywalker Talks Fruit Photo Shoots & Electronic Music"

The boys from NapSky took time of their hectic summer schedules to talk what's good with their musical endeavours. Carson (NapSky's drummer) was up on a 30ft ladder during the phone conversation while Jordie was lounging poolside. This combination is yet another reflection of the ying-yang connection these friends constantly find themselves in.

How did Nap Sky come together? Was it a buildup of several musical interactions or one explosive collaboration that demanded the group be formed?

Jordie: "I guess you could say it was a combination of the two. The seeds of Napsky were planted one summer at a party when Carson sat down behind a drum kit and I sat down in front of a piano. We had a few hilarious alcohol fuelled jams in this fashion but the real musical explosion happened the next summer. I spent that following year away at school and getting into electronic music; when that met the drums we knew we had something worth exploring. I actually managed to switch schools two weeks before classes started to stay in Calgary to work on Napsky."

I can personally attest to the good vibes these boys present on stage. Their talents of synergizing electronic music with live instrumentals is phenomenal. Nothing is better than watching a group get jazzed on what they play, and they boys kill it. Carson takes on an inhumanly persona while rapidly drumming to the sheet music in his mind, and Jordie's constantly elevating his electronic compilations.

What direction do you anticipate electronic music is taking? Does this affect the type of music you're making?

"Electronic music performance to some extent, has gotten to a place where everything is pre-meditated and planned down to the second. A lot of the time this is the only practical way of performing. It's allowed for some amazing things to happen in the visual realm with 3D video mapping, lights and lasers. The experience can be extremely powerful. Someone who's a truly talented DJ is in a totally different ball game; it's an art in itself. Taking all the things that are awesome about purely electronic music - the soundscape, movement, energy, visuals - and integrating them back into something that looks like a traditional performance, is exactly what needs to happen for electronic music to reach the next level. This is already starting to be done effectively by guys like Badbadnotgood and Thundercat. We are definitely trying to push ourselves towards creating as much room for improvisation and live creation in our shows. When you spend hours perfecting something in the studio it can be really tempting to just save it all as audio and press play live. You have to consciously acknowledge that you probably won’t be perfect in a live performance, but at the same time that human error element can be exactly what allows a crowd to connect at a deeper level. This is a work in progress for us, mainly with all the electronic parts. The acoustic drums that Carson does are a massive part of the show right now but we want to keep going, add in keyboards and other improvisational elements. Get outside the comfort zone!"

A friend of mine was in an job interview and they asked him "What are you a contrarian about?” which I thought was a really tough question. What do you think you guys are contrarians about? In life, in love whatever.

Carson: "People need to eat way more bananas." As per the picture provided NapSky doesn't fuck with the health benefits of bananas.

Do you have any pre-performance rituals? Like taking a power-stance or rubbing the Buddha belly of a good luck shrine?

Jordie: "About thirty minutes before we perform we get out of the venue and go for a power walk. We’re generally pretty buzzed by that point so most of the time walking turns in to a push-up competition or a foot race. Carson has several bananas prepped to down before hitting the stage"
Who do you guys think are the most under-appreciated musicians of your time?

"J Dilla, Madlib, Black Milk, and Tipper"

Which musicians/bands are on repeat on your Ipods right now?

Jordie - "Kyle Watson"
Carson - "Jaylib"

What did you do with the fruit in the picture off your website? After you were done with the photo...?

"Haha. We ate what didn’t get drummed to pulp or invaded by ants and spiders." The boys assured me that NapSky members are big advocates of being green and always have 'reduce, reuse, recycle' on their minds. If you want to see the picture I'm referencing, then check their website.

This Friday Aug.15th Napoleon Skywalker is performing at the National Music Centre in Calgary. Check yourselves before you wreck yourselves and get your tickets here. -Rachel - Ladywood Music

"Move Aside Napsky's Coming In with Tracks"

One of the most fascinating aspects of Napoleon Skywalker is how their live shows come together. Unlike any other band out there, before each show they spend countless hours creating a set to play for just one night. Exactly like a snowflake every one of their shows is totally unique and special to the energy in that moment. Knowing this little factoid then hitting a NapSky show would blow your mind. They boys look like instrumental geniuses with wisdom and intensity beyond their human years. You could never imagine they came up with a set to play one night, then have the power to let it go. I mean isn't music one of the hardest things to let go of. I don't know how they do it. Now NapSky has something new and exciting for everyone to feast their nostalgic paws on....A sweet recorded track! That's right friends have a listen to the remix by NapSky because they are vibing with their newest spawn in the family. It's a start to many good things coming your way so keep up with NapSky's music on SoundCloud. I hope - Ladywood Music


Attack of the Bubble Machine - Fall 2013

EP to be released summer 2015.

Remixes available for streaming on Soundcloud.



Biographies that are written in the “third person” when you know it’s some dude sitting in the basement trying to make himself sound awesome, are weird. My name is Carson and my partner in crime is Jordie. He’s sitting across the room feeling a little under the weather, so I’m handling this for now. We are two dudes who grew up together playing music in Calgary, AB. I am obsessed with all things drums and went on after high school to try and learn stuff at Berklee College of Music and Drumtech in the UK. What I should have done is bought an MPC, locked myself in the basement and saved a ton of money. Jordie started out on drums but after he realized that I was better in absolutely every way, he moved over to the best instrument of all, the computer!  Now he can steal grooves from James Brown, call them his own and nobody even gets upset. Except me. Thus, Napoleon Skywalker was born. I play drums because that’s the one thing I’m good at (ping pong too actually) and Jordie absolutely slays Ableton using live looping, sampling and some live analog synth magic. We play dance music and we make people dance. We also use dance music to lead people down some pretty interesting rabbit holes where we just get really weird and experimental for a bit before snapping it back to the party before anyone realized what happened. We love life and we love to party. :)

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