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"Shout out to Brimstone"

Established in 2009 Brimstone is the talented new band blazing the ATL live band scene. Brimstone plays an array of music styles from rock, folk, and hip hop. You can hear some alternative rock as well as a little 80's pop. the band consists of songwriter/guitarist Brad Scott and producer/ songwriter Napoleon Jones along with audio engineer and accomplished musician Scott Beard who holds responsibilities such as drummer, music arrangement, and even stepping up on bass on some shows.

Brimstone's versatility & distinguishing factors can be recognized when guitarist Brad plays very intense rock lines to some head jerking drum beats laid down by Scott beard while lead man "Lock" delivers substance filled lyrics with equal intensity and pinpoint accuracy.

While performing at shows Brimstone makes the audience feel apart of the music experience and separate themselves from the cover & garage style that many start up bands struggle to avoid. Brimstone displays why they're garnering attention at a fast pace when they perform "Change"....a song about the American government's bailouts and the massive investment crash and its effect on Americans.

SAGE - 48Bars


"Central Division". 2005, Gabbie "Trak Killah" 2007,
Lock "How We Do It" Street Science 2008 (Release Date: 12-9-08). "Brimstone" 2009



Chicago Born " Napoleon " is one of today's most talented and creative Producer/Songwriters. combinding raw musical ideas with new style and execution. growing up in Napoleon studied first hand from some of the Chicago blues and jazz greats Such as Legendary Guitarist Lurie Bell and Emery Willams great Vocalist like Peaches who is Napoleon's aunt. Sitting in on rehearsals and jam sessions help to expand the musical knowledge that makes Lock the tripple threat that he is today. Now living in Atlanta as a member of Infinetune music group a independent Production that provides Music for Multimedia Companies as well performing Artist Napoleon is currently working with Artist in Atlanta and other parts around the world. Set to release "Street Science" his Debut Album Avalible on ITUNES. Lock is Promoting and Marketing and putting together a review with other yet to be determened Artist and will soon be touring parts of the US and Europe.