Narda Shirley and the Nation

Narda Shirley and the Nation

 Saint Peters, Missouri, USA

Narda Shirley and the Nation have been inspired by God to communicate through their music that the walls and divisions that keep us from wholly experiencing Him in the unity of worship must be removed.
This Gospel (or good news) needs to find expression in terms close to the mind and heart of people. We will spread the Gospel through song as we endeavor to bring people together by proclaiming “the bond of peace”.
Its composers, singers and musicians are born again believers who want to


Narda Shirley and the Nation have made a name for themselves through a unique style of melodic vocals, heart wrenching lyrics and high energy music. This team of ministers have traveled the midwest providing a holistic worship experience for audiences at the State Capital. They have also served as the state representatives for several music festivals hosting international participants.

A true worship experience is not limited by cultural, generational or denominational boundaries.

Evangelist Narda Shirley is a devout Christian and credits the Lord for both the ability and inspiration to minister in praise and worship. She serves as the Praise and Worship team leader at the Faith United Assembly OTLG in St Louis MO. Her goal as a recording artist is to touch people of all faiths, to bring peace and joy into their lives through the atmosphere created during each worship encounter. Everyone is encouraged in each service to desperately seek to worship God outside of their comfort zones and to take it beyond the confines of the four walls of the church.

“The Nation” is comprised of born again believers who are outstanding singers and world class musicians.

Together, they are carrying the message of the “Bond of Peace” that crosses cultural, generational and denominational boundaries in homes, villages, and nations alike.


Fill Me

Written By: Narda Shirley

Fill Me
With humble adoration
We come before your throne
For my expectation is from you alone
Pour out your spirit
Send forth your rain
Fill this empty vessel
Again and again

With humble adoration
I come before your throne
For my expectation is from you alone
You said you’d pour our your spirit
And send forth the rain
Lord fill this empty vessel
Over and over again

Fill Me - Completely
Saturate me – Entirely

Pour upon your daughter
Your son and let it flow to overflow
There is a water
That truly satisfies
A thirsting soul refreshing
It won’t run dry
Joy overflowing
He offering today
So come and join in with me
And let us say, let us say

Repeat chorus

Fill Us
Fill Us
To full and over flow (2 x’s)
Fill Me
Fill Me
To full and over flow (2 x’s each round)
I’m empty
I’m empty
I’m empty
So Fill Me (2 x’s each round)


Written By: Narda Shirley

It was you who commanded
The sunlight must breakthrough at dawn
I can’t compute or comprehend it
The rhythm of the beat of my heart
I’m in awe of your splendor
The source of beauty, the main attraction
And with all of your blessings, it’s only a fraction…
Of who You are
Lord your glory
Your glory
Your glory leaves me breathless

For Your glory
Your glory
Your glory leaves me breathless

Powerful yet you’re loving
For when you speak it calms a raging sea
I hear your voice through the thunder
All creation declares your wonder
Lord You’re mighty in all of your ways
Demons tremble at the sound of your name

Just a portion of all that I know, and with so many miracles….
Who can compare?

Lord Your glory
Your glory
Your glory leaves me breathless

For Your glory
Your glory
Your glory leaves me breathless

Lord lift me up above the shore
Let my worship rise, my praises roar

1) Draw me nearer

2) For I want to dwell at your Altar forever


"A Nation Enters Worship" EP, Released July 2009

Track "Fill Me" played on Radio stations
Featured Song on WGNU920

Set List

Our sets average 45 minutes and are a combination of original songs and adaptations of contemporary christian music

Original songs from CD
Fill Me
Nothing Can Stop Me (Rap)
Fill This House with Praise
There's a Lifting
Year of Favor

Traditional songs include:
He's Able
Friend of God
Breathe on Me
How Great is our God