Take the rock of Hendrix, the melodies of Coldplay, the blues of Ben Harper, the mixed up pop of Crowded House, the groove of the Police and throw in a pinch of the Beatles backing vocals.


In February 2005, four Sydney boys released their self-funded debut EP to an unprecedented response, and have been turning heads ever since. And, after playing a string of festival and club gigs up and down the east coast of Australia the punters still wanted more. How could the boys say no to that?

And how did the lads come together?

Sam and Karl met in high school where Sam bullied the younger Karl into working on his solo album. Ev and Andy also met in school, where they were both doing their best Jack Black impersonations teaching school kids to rock. When the two groups met up they instantly started breakdance fighting. But, when it quickly became evident that none of them were very good at that, they turned to music.

Have I seen you some place before?

After the band launched their debut EP to a packed audience at The Basement, they were asked back to appear for two more successful shows. Since then they have enjoyed a hectic playing schedule headlining venues including The Vanguard, The Brass Monkey, Manly Fishos, Carringbah Bizzos, The Zoo (Brisbane) and also appearing at The Great Escape, Peats Ridge, Woodstock and Shoreshocked Festivals. Always a hard-working live band visit to find out where they are playing next.

What have you done for me lately?

In late 2004 without the support of a record label, a manager, a publicist or even someone to give them lunch money, Nardo scraped together the funds to record their debut EP, No Sale. The result of this was unprecedented. The record achieved airplay on local and national radio (FBI, JJJ), appearances on numerous DVD’s (Australian Surfing Life, Tracks and CHIK) and clothing sponsorships (Rhythm and Cult). On top of all this, Nardo’s track, No Sale was featured on a Billabong promotional video being screened on MTV and MTV Asia, giving Nardo both national and international exposure.

Plan of attack – the new single!

In 2006 the boys are working towards completing a full-length album and will continue onwards and upwards from there. The first single from the Album Morning Sun (out through MGM) was launched on March 2nd at the Vanguard in Newtown, Sydney. Internationally, the lads are currently being distributed through selected surf shops in Argentina. But, never the type to sit back and wait, Nardo are continuing to work hard and improve, both on and off the stage, in what promises to be a massive year for Nardo.


Morning Sun (Single) (release date 2/3/6)
1. Morning Sun
2. Freedom
3. In Good Time

No Sale (EP)
1. No Sale
2. Growing On
3. Serpent on the floor
4. Mountain
5. The Ocean

Live @ The Basement
(15 track bootleg)

Set List

Nardo always take their time in creating and organising a set list as each gig is unique. Below is an example of their set list from their headline at Sydney's 'The Basement'
1. Blue Skies
2. Morning Sun
3. Living Life
4. Inside Your Head
5. Lie (with strings)
6. Mountain (with strings)
7. The Ocean
8. Growing On (with guest harmonica)
9. Trio
10. Freedom
11. This Room
12. More Than What I See

1. In Good Time (Sam Solo with Strings)
2. Serpent On The Floor
3. No Sale