Narrows are a three (3) piece band. / Narrows are equal parts rock, pop and roll.


Narrows are an Alternative Pop power trio built around Scottish singer / guitarist Ross Drummond and dutch rhythm section Jimmy Van Dijk (bass) and Taco Fens (Drums) Narrows love entertaining live audiences with their infinite energy and attractive playing. Proper pop songs that rock. Formed on the 30th January 2009 and recording their debut EP only two weeks later. Their fast and precise approach to writing and recording is reflected in their finely crafted pop songs. Narrows are equally influenced by the likes of Mogwai, Death Cab for Cutie and Minus The Bear Narrows make music for girls to dance to, boys to break up to and couples to fall in love to. Narrows are on the lookout to play as many shows as venues that will have them and with their burgeoning online presence it's only a matter of time before everybody knows... E: M: H: Y: W:


2009 - The First Four (EP)