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The best kept secret in music


"N.A.S.H., Regain the High Ground"

From the low end rumble that opens "Meet Me There," the lead cut on N.A.S.H.'s latest release, listeners are bombarded with a heavy rock assault that stands up against some of the hardest hitters out there today.

So it's no wonder that N.A.S.H., led by singer/ guitarist Bryan Nash, has been cultivating a rabid local following in their home town of Chestnut Ridge, NY.

On these fifteen rock tight tracks the band uses heat and volume to fuse crunchy distorted chords and brick hard rhythms into sharp, decisive hooks.

Unlike many bands that rely on volume and a shredding guitarist to take the lead, these songs stand up on their own. While slick riffs criss cross songs like "Scared," "I'm with the Band," and "Failed," N.A.S.H. manages to work subtlety and sophistication into the songwriting and production. On one of the disc's highlight tracks, "Gabriel's Chaos Theory," quiet clean guitars and a slippery bassline set the tone before the song explodes.

But N.A.S.H. uses words as well as music to get the point across. On "October," Nash sings, "I forget to forget about what I say." It's a track that reminisces about what could have been and what could still be.

While this disc is clearly dominated by heavy guitars, ear splitting beats and howling vocals, it's obvious that N.A.S.H. has put some time and thought into the production. These songs shimmer with a disciplined energy and frenzied momentum that is hard to match.

If you dig big guitars and extreme performances with only a few a few seconds to come up for air, maybe it's time you check out Regain the High Ground. NA.S.H. is pretty much guaranteed to rock your world.
- IndieMusicReview.com


"Regain The High Ground" -LP (2003)
Radio Airplay:
"I Have Seen the One"
"Gabriels Chaos Theory"
all original songs.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Influences include a wide variety of styles, mainly focusing, though, on rock. Anything from Kiss to Iron Maiden to The Bealtes. We believe one thing that sets us apart from other bands today at least, is fear. We fear falling into a easily recognizable category or class. There way to many bands sounding like other bands, and we would rather have a band of go-no-where-losers than have a band-that-sounds-like.
Our past accomplishments as a band include opening for national recording and touring bands Third Eye Blind and Jurassic 5.
Venues include a wide variety of bars, clubs, and colleges in New York, including the well known CBGB's, New Jersey, North Carolina, and Canada.
We have been on countless college radio stations, including a live broadcast in Plattsburgh, NY.