BandHip Hop

Melody driven hiphop infused with touches of folk, rock, soul, and gospel that appeals to a wide demographic.


Nash's songwriting and delivery are influenced by Bob Dylan and Bright Eyes to Dr. Dre and A Tribe Called Quest. Jeremy Hanlon's production is sophisticated, warm and musical with a "roots" quality. What sets the band apart is their ability to play live, acoustic hip-hop.


The first album, titled Our Broken Home, is currently in the final production stages. It features 15 original tracks, including the three mp3 files featured on this site.

Set List

The set list features live versions of all of the songs on the album. The live versions have been reworked and display the originality, virtuosity and "jam potential" of the band. Nash live goes by the moniker "Midnite Theory" and currently plays live throughout southern California.