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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Slimedog's Review"

This is the alien Zortar using Slimedog as my vessel to transmit communication to all of your world. I do not usually interfere in communications, but I was alerted by the importance of this media.
Experiencing this media is like ice cream stuck in your brain, I say this so you will anticipate goodness and will follow in a positive reaction. Very experimental sounds emit from this CD in an imaginative, instrumental context at first, moving then into song form recalling the best of progressive rock which on my planet is considered King Crimson and early Pink Floyd. Mix that with a dash of Sonic Youth, Pixies vibe, and you have Nash Lane. Dissonance is thrown in with pleasing textures. Enjoy this while you destroy your planet. In the future we will be your real estate agents.
It is good to hear different media. Young ladies with bare belly buttons is all well to observe, but this is more aurally pleasing. Think of me as a Romanian immigrant if it helps you to assimilate, I need no credit. It is well that some semblance of creative inspiration resides amongst your hordes of materialistic, Pavlov dog, blithering creatures. I apologize. (Slimedog) - The Noise

"Nash Lane - Have A Nice Day"

Boston's Nash Lane is a self-professed experimental art-rock band. They start their album with Nintendo synths and beats, preparing to take us off into a sometimes psychotic and always psychedelic trip. They tell us their influences include Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Failure, and Sonic Youth among others. You can hear the fuzzy distortion of Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine occasionally. The rhythmic bass lines are what gets me really going though. I feel like it sets off like a compass to a map, leading me into an adventure filled with sonic explorations. Interesting. - J-Sin -


Aldous Huxtable EP (2004)
Have A Nice Day LP (2006)

Various EP's made for distribution at shows throughout 2004-2007.



Currently at a loss for words...