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Sounds like a lil bit of Last Poets, and Gil Scott Heron, sprinkled in


Rashad was born and Raised in Nashville, TN he recieved his B.S. in Industrial Technology from Alabama A&M University in Huntsville,AL. He started performing poetry in 2000 at A&M. He also is an excellent actor. He has performed in numerous theatrical performances, and also is co-starring in a Film due for release in late 2006. He recieved the Best Actor and Best supporting Actor award while at A&M. His love for poetry really flurished in 2003 when he moved back to Nashville, found his purpose with this artform and started making his move. This CD will do more than Edu-Tain , it gives you the listener the opprotunity to "Witness To The Truth"


With this debut album Rashad brings something to the realm of Spoken Word Albums that I havent seen in a long time..."Consistency". This album has no filler tracks just 11 up close and personal testimonies. I really dont know how to classify this album because it doesnt flow like spoken word,nor does it flow like any other album. This project is special in so many ways. The stories are so vivid "Tight Rope" a sad situation that calls everyone's attention to the way they treat people,all the way down to the brilliantly put together "Cool Out"."Be Thankful" is a piece about understanding what you have and being greatful for it. Rashad's style of reciting isnt something new but the way he makes the tracks compliment his style is unique. I asked him what he wanted this album to accomplish he said" Really I just want people to look at Spoken Word from a broader view. It's not just love poems or hate poems or just Revolutionary poems. It takes all these entities to make this artform. I 've been blessed to be able to bring something that I think is different and creative. I've always been a good listener and I just put together what I was feeling and what I felt the people wanted to hear. I just want folks to know that this artform can be taken to new and higher heights. There are a plethra of poets in Nashville just waiting on there chance to do the things that have blessed to do". This is one person who now see's The Truth in a whole new light.

Phillip Risser
Phillip Risser
© 2006 RASHAD

Set List

3-5 songs
Time varies on song selection