Nashville Suicide Mission

Nashville Suicide Mission


Hard, heavy-hitting music from the bowels of the midwest. Technical, yet accessable metal.


Beauty and brutality. These concepts drive every aspect of Nashville Suicide Mission, from writing to recording to their live performance. Having played shows with heavy hitters such as Meshuggah, Fear Factory, Suffocation, Hypocracy, Decapitated, Burnt By the Sun, Premonitions of War and Between the Buried and Me, NSM is showing the metal community why they deserve the respect they demand. Self recorded, produced and promoted,their debut album The Silver Lining, along with the brutal intensity of their live show, has garnered them a legion of die-hard fans. The Silver Lining's display of technical ability and intuitive songwriting shows a level of maturity not often found in metal, and with an arsenal comprised of talent desire and focus, Nashville Suicide Mission will not stop until the concepts that drive them become the words that define them. Beauty and brutality.


"The Silver Lining" - 2005
Streaming play on,,

"Drag" in regular rotation on 105.7 The Point, St. Louis, MO

Set List

Perpetual Silence
Wrath of Cain
Demons Incarnate
The Silver Lining
Desensitize The Masses (unreleased)
Don Brown (unreleased)
Face (unreleased)
Infinite Echo (unreleased)
Kill The King (unreleased)