Nashville Underground Live

Nashville Underground Live


Nashville Underground Live are hit singer/songwriters singing their hit songs of today, the ORIGINAL "un-plugged," and behind-the-scenes stories.


For decades, a unique hotbed of talent has thrived in Nashville - a close community of hit songwriters who pen the most popular songs in America. The world recognizes their songs, but their incredible gifts as performers and players have remained Music City's best-kept secret --- until now.

Nashville Underground Live has created a collective home for these artists, and a name that is quickly being established as THE SOURCE for the finest acoustic performers with a formidable arsenal of hit songs.

Nashville Underground artists create an intimate, behind-the-scenes atmosphere, telling personal stories about writing their hits, singing and playing on each other's songs. It's an acoustic show, three or four artists trading songs, as songwriters have performed in underground clubs forever- the Original "un-plugged."

you've hit a vein . . . Nashville Underground.