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The best kept secret in music



A band that's been ten years in the making, and a rich, family tradition that goes back even further. Made up of the Bros. Abbott and Twinkle G, Nasty Abbott is all about the sound.

By C. Raymond

"We're starting a band." Mike Abbott from Cabot told me months ago sitting next to me at the bar with his shot.
"Who?" I asked.
"My brothers and me. Jay, Lonnie, Robert. Kristen, who used to be with the Chicklettes, she's gonna play with us, too." he said with his trademark grin.
I plucked a cigarette out of my pack and screwed it to my lips and sighed. This had been an ongoing barstool discussion between Mike and I for the last few years. He was always telling me how he was forming a band with his brothers.
But something was different this time, this time he had a look of excitement in his eyes that I never saw before.
"No, it's happening. We've already started practicing and everything."
"So what are you guys called?"
He looked around and shrugged. "I don't know. We haven't decided yet. We'll worry about that later."
He downed his shot, leaving me skeptical.

But a few months later I, like many others, found myself floored at a Wednesday night Whitewater Showcase, where Nasty Abbott played their very first show.

So it was only natural that I found myself in a dimly lit backroom of Juanita's Restuarant a few weeks later conducting what would be one of many interviews to come. They had just gotten off the stage, playing their first Jeff Coleman Open-Mike Night and they were buzzing. They settled into their chairs with their drinks and their smokes and I began digging into the history of the Abbott Clan.


I've known the younger brothers Jay and Mike for quite a few years now. Mike, being the sound-guy of legend at Midtown Billiard's, use to sit relay me stories of his brother Jay's musical going-ons down in New Orleans where he'd release two albums as a solo act called Angels of Paradise Mountain. Mike himself had been in a slew of bands including Chesterfield 25. It's only been in the last year that I've gotten aquainted with the elder brothers Robert and Lonnie. Lead Vocalist and oldest brother Robert is a big man, with a hearty laugh and a hefty handshake. A joke and a smoke and a drink for all when Robert is around. When he belts into the opening chorus of "If There Was No You" it just reaches out and grabs you. Soulful, powerful- with a deep-felt lyrical emotion, it's one of the few songs that Robert spoke up on. "Basically it consist of poetry I've taken from ex-girlfriend's notebooks over the years." Robert says modestly.
Lonnie is the quiet guy. More reserved with the air that he'd rather be sitting behind a drum set playing the music than talking about it.
Like Robert, he started playing at an early age. One of his earliest gigs was playing drums at the Arkansas Sesquicentennial at the age of 10. He, Jay and Robert have been doing their thing since the early eighties and have backed up local and national Artists such as Cora Jones, Gino Wesley and the '58 Delrays, 50s Rockabilly Recording Artist Andy Starr and Dean Mathis of the Newbeats. The Abbott family has a rich legacy of music that can be dated back nearly 120 years. Now, after a ten year hiatus of sorts, they're back together and bringing the little brother Mike on as lead guitar. They've also added former Chicklettes lead singer Kristen Goodwin into the mix to spice things up.
"I'm really excited. I enjoy everything about playing with the Abbotts," Kristen says. "When I met Robert I knew he was going to change my life musically. I knew when I read his songs."


The thing about Nasty Abbott is that each brother and Kristen have their very own distinct component that all comes together and creates a unique sound. They each have their own style that has enough in common with the others to mesh, creating something so very unique to Little Rock. It can be best described as 60's garage with an 80s punk retro twist. But at times, that does even do them justice. Nasty Abbott is just one of those bands that goes beyond genre, a band that can entertain a wide array of audiences from all walks of life. And that's something good.
"We're all nasty in our own little ways." Jay says with a smile.


When asked where they see the band going in the next few months the answers came in a form of playful banter.
"We're going to bigger than the Beatles." quips Jay.
Everyone chuckles. "Yeah, right." Robert says.
"I'd like to play France." says Kristen.
"Maybe the Casinos." adds Lonnie.
One thing they all agreed upon is they want to take their music all over the world.
"I want to play the clubs and bars here in Little Rock but I want us everywhere," Kristen says. "There's a hole in Little Rock and we want to fill it with our music."


"The name came from a shift drink I created for after work. Two of them and you're shift-faced on the floor." Mike says - ARKANSAS FREE PRESS


straight for fun was released nov 17th locally in little rock arkansas. it has 9 songs recorded in two recording studios in central arkansas. we've had quite a few plays on local radio station 100.3 the edge in little rock.


Feeling a bit camera shy


on the songs we stick with the basics and everyone puts a piece of their own character into each song. it can really change how the song is written. we say we nastify our songs. our influences range from mozart to black sabbath. we've played with andy starr recording artist from the 50's and dean mathis (newbeats) from the 60's. we grew up in the 70's and 80's and matured in the 90's so we have 5 decades of influence behind us and we put it all to good use.