Nasty Habits

Nasty Habits


Our music has a feeling and energy of several genres, those who have listen to our music call it Raw Rock!


In September 2004, Paul, Justin, George, and Legend came together to form a powerful, passionate, and explosive sound. The chemistry between these four guys is undeniable. After four months of hammering out the kinks in the studio; composing and brainstorming to get it right, Nasty Habits started playing the East Bay Music Circuit.

Their live performances have been described as high energy and have been compared to a wrecking ball; tearing through every room they invade.

The focus of the band is to bring their original music to the masses in a wild way; blending different genres of Rock n’ Roll and Metal. They have been played with a number of local and national acts including: Blue Oyster Cult, Honky, X Rated Porno Machine, Cradle, Doc Freud, Transducer, Stagnant, and PUSH. Some of the venue’s they have played include: Bourbon Street, Concord CA, Timeout- Concord CA, Wallace Arms- Antioch CA, and Blake’s- Berkeley CA.

Nasty Habits is comprised of:

Paul Ayon– Guitars (formerly of Fuller)
Justin Barron- Guitars / Vocals (formerly of Wildside, Motley Crue tribute band)
George Martinez – Drums(formerly of MYTHE)
Legend – Bass (formerly of The Tongues)

Constantly looking for new audiences to inspire with their “Raw Rock” sound, Nasty Habits has proven them selves as a powerful band that can pack a club with ease. We look forward to the opportunity to play your venue and can promise a night of true ROCK AND ROLL. For booking information please contact us at our email at sonicbids, our profile at or George

Set List

Dirty Angels
Unwanted Breakdown
Paul's Song
Ballad 1
Irish Drinking Song
Best I Can Be
Never Really Gone

Typically our sets are between 30 minutes to an hour and thirty minutes.