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Na Style Jaa

Lansing, Michigan, United States | INDIE

Lansing, Michigan, United States | INDIE
Band Hip Hop EDM




"Na Style Jaa is made of "substance, life, tension, and humor""

...More than anything, Na Style Jaa demonstrate their gift for balance. They make the "rapping about mundane things" concept (which not new and certainly not always funny) seem effortless, important, and fun. - The Denisonian

"I listened to the WHOLE cd"

OK, so I listened to the WHOLE cd.....I really don't care for rap genre, but, NOW I DO!! You sort of remind me of a cleaned up version of Eminem mixed with Dan Fogelberg with the retro inclusion of stories and the kindness of the mid-west!!! Congrats to you!! You really need to get a copy to Ellen Degeneres & Good Morning America. I believe your music is appealing to a much broader audience then the stereotypical rap listener!!!! - Nancy Weitzer

"Song Fight Review"

"I love pretty much everything about this song - the synthesiser line that runs through the whole song but doesn't get old, the chorus, the wistful homesickness, slick production, the application of the "east side!" cliche to the English coast... This should be getting radio play." - Voter review of Sunderland


Na Style Jaa: Violins

01. Open Curtains (Intro)
02. Earthquakes
03. Cops vs. Lumberjacks and Animals
04. Violins
05. Knights at the Casino
06. Vietnam’s the Bomb
07. The Big D
08. My Name is Jesse Owens
09. 8th Grade Dance Party (Dirty)
10. Danny Boy, You’ve Done It Again!

Na Style Jaa: Civil War Party!

01. Party at the Panama Canal
02. Lost in the City
03. Some Say Tomato, Some Say NATO
04. Out West (feat. Jacque)
05. Northern Aggression
06. Clown Story
07. Snowman in the Summer
08. Black Eyed Bees
09. Christmas ’96
10. Speak Easy
11. Space Ark
12. Land Before Rhyme
13. Ol’ Count’s Road
14. Tides
15. Electric Toothbrushes
16. Queen Victoria
17. Spring Quit Stalin
18. Bad Thanksgiving
19. Wedding Ahoy!
20. The History of Cigarettes

Na Style Jaa: The West EP

01. Party at the Panama Canal
02. Northern Aggression
03. Land Before Rhyme
04. Toothbrushes
05. Space Ark
06. Queen Victoria
07. Christmas '96
08. Some say Tomato Some say N.A.T.O
09. Black Eyed Bees



Tired of the same old rappers hollering about the same old stuff? Then try our tapes!

Sometimes you’ll get a little of this, and a little of that when you listen to Na Style Jaa, but you will always get a bit of story and fun… sometimes even a party.

Na Style Jaa – we write songs with various ideas whether it be history or the west. We don’t think of our genre strictly as rap, but we use the structure and method of rapping in songs to get across a delicate theme. Beats, concepts, and lyrics are all created by us.