A new and exiting project mixing funk, groove and lots of fun on stage, NastyPeach is an Israeli based 9-piece band formed in 2006. After touring the local scene for the past year, the band is looking for new places around the globe to land their groove on.


The Nastypeach project started with some acoustic recordings by Odelia (vocals) and Ben (guitar) with Yoni’s lyrics (drums and percussion). Soon to join the band was Leven (bass), and from there the band started working on full instrumental arrangements of the acoustic songs that was written. The band started working with Tal (keyboard) and that was the piece that completed the puzzle, from then on the band started working full steam on original songs and mixed styles. Noam, Nasty’s soundman and owner of Rightway-Records , pushed the Nasty project from the get-go, did the first acoustic recordings, produced, mixed and mastered the “4 song demo”, and recorded the new “Bordo” studios recordings. Without Noam Nastypeach couldn’t be possible. Lately NastyPeach are working with world known producer ‘Patrick Sebag’ (Producer of world known projects such as Laya project, Kartick & Gotam, Eti ankri, Shirat rabim, Peter Gabriel remixer) on a new full length 12 song album due to be released by August 2010. Nasty is about good friends having fun making music of different styles and trying to find the ultimate sound

Set List

Can change depending on requirements of specific event.

1 set
13 songs (90 minutes) + 2 songs encore