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Nata De Real

Abscon, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France | Established. Jan 01, 2020

Abscon, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France
Established on Jan, 2020
Solo Hip Hop Hip Hop


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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Let's go
I don't wanna listen to negative thoughts
My future is so bright so I gat take a right move
My haters gonna say I'm not gonna win but I swear they are not right
Bekoz am gonna run a million miles all what's mine is waiting for me
So let's gooooo..
Let me give my self something like a hope
That's by deleting all nosense on my tape
Think it's the right time to move & make a step
Though my old road had nothing like a shape
Some of them looked at me like a lost sheep
Still that wouldn't stop me from taking at list a sip
All I did was to hold tight my zip
Struggling fighting for my gap
Looking straight to my dream gip ahh
You know some says that practice makes perfect
But still some says that no one is perfect
Then what is the use of practicing if not becoming perfect
I ask you don't get confused, it's not time to conclude
God is with you & your plans are not yet cancelled
Do your self a favor & get rid of negative friends in your life
Whoever even if it's your hubby or your wife
Let him or her leave your life for life
Never mix your business with relationship
Becoz if you do so, trust me nothing will change you will remain cheap
Trust & help a few & leave the rest to the Lord
You can't be nice to every never
associate with fake loads
Their faces seems to be good
But in their hearts they want you Dead
You can't judge a book according to it's cover as it was said
Don't think about changing all of them Coz your not God
They hate seeing people calling you a hero
You rather live a solo life than living wid mothers ov quarrels
My parents used to say music is the worst decision
Still I never quit my dream, the Lord was my direction
Negative thoughts from my relatives it was a heavy compression
But now am successful & they are proud of me am giving my confession
So now sit down & get this Free lesson
Always accept advices but never allow any one to make for you a decision
Make sure that your close to the right people to make a better combination
Keep doing it harder in line with ur vision
Accomplish ur missions and all ur ambitions
Always keep ur eyes open don't blink at any occasion
And if u gat something in extra never fail to make a donation
Be a hero for some times I mean if possible you can save the nation
Kaz am concerned sure that one man can change this nation
.................... END. .........



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