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Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico | MAJOR

Mexico City, The Federal District, Mexico | MAJOR
Band Comedy Singer/Songwriter





"HU HU HU" nominated for "Best Latin Pop Album"

Miami, FL. (December 2, 2009). - The songwriter and singer Natalie Imbruglia has just received a nomination for the 2010 Grammy Awards in the category "Best Pop Album" for her acclaimed album "Hu Hu Hu."

The nominations were announced tonight from Los Angeles, where on 31 January, will take place the 52nd annual presentation of the prestigious awards.

Since its launch earlier this year, "Hu Hu Hu," composed by Natalia, has been nominated for major awards the musical as the Latin Grammys and Premios Oye 2009, as it has produced three radio hits including "Blue" "She is Beautiful" and her latest single "cheesy melodies." The album represents for the talented performer recovery of personal loss and satisfaction in itself for someone who does not cease to be sought.

On Dec. 10, Natalia made ??the live performance of "Hu Hu Hu" at the Teatro Fru Fru historic center of Mexico City. - Rondene


Natalia Lafourcade

Always a pleasure to know that a fellow wins
in another country, especially if the quality we are proud and
seems worthy of being appreciated by the world.
That's what happens in the case of Natalia Lafourcade,
whose music is known in other places for
several years, because despite being very young, has a
long career as a started his career as

Natalia Lafourcade has performed in multiple
nations, but oddly enough, is in
Japan, where he continually called upon to assess their
live music. On this occasion, was about 15
days in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, from late March
to early April, while staying performed
signings and performances at some stores
albums and galleries, as well as interviews in different

In allusion to the cover of his latest album Hu Hu,
Hu, a workshop was organized where dozens of young
Japanese tried to create a hat with the shape of
a cat's head and thereby get the special prize
to know more about the artist. Finally, situations
different but very nice, was that he lived the
singer-songwriter in his working visit to the east after
stay a few days in Mexico and re-do bags
and fly to Madrid, to be in a festival
benefit of the victims of Haiti and Chile

Your participation in the Song Festival held in live
Madrid was a success, other European and interpreters
Americans joined their voices in various concerts, whose
gains have been designed to help
victims of the earthquakes in Chile and Haiti.
Finally, it is worth adding that in a few days Natalia
Lafourcade also traveled to Argentina in the work plan.

To learn a little more of what made the artist
Japan, please please double click on
following links:

Japan Tour 2010 Natalia Lafourcade
3/22 (mon) [TOKYO] Shibuya Tower Records (in store
3/24 (wed) [TOKYO] HMV shibuya (in store performance)
3/25 (thu) [NAGOYA] Cafe Dufi
3/27 (sat) [OSAKA] Lamp Mexico Harajuku and Chido (store
clothing, in store performance)
3/28 (sun) [OSAKA] graf (salt? N / store / galer? A)

* Show and exhibici? No special "Hu Hu Hu Hu Hu"
Natalia gear 24 to March 28.

* Workshop on the afternoon before the show.
Workshop for cat hat like
3/30 (tue) [TOKYO] Fever (live house)
4/3 (sat) [TOKYO] gm projects (gallery)

JAPAN TOUR 2010 of

-Display of the Japanese edition in stores

Several magazines, music, fashion and culture rose
Natalia articles.
-A TV show "DAX" went up on their website
"Natalia Lafourcade SP" a feature of Natalia. - SONY MUSIC

"14 days with Natalia Lafourcade"

The weird and giggly Mexican singer, Natalia Lafourcade had the bright idea to document her journey in Japan and now fans can join her in the experience in her travel.

This travelogue documentary shows a bubbly Natalia promoting her gigs and album, as well as an outlook on her time in Japan. Make sure to catch all the series in this mini-documentary called "14 dias en Japon". As a gift, here is day number one.

Keep updated on the rest of the days >> - FABRIKA Music + Lifestyle planner

"From Mexico, a Soaring and Resilient Free Spirit"

With her high, clear voice and insouciant phrasing, the Mexican songwriter Natalia Lafourcade sounds like a very wise child: affectionate, sly, sophisticated and resilient. Ms. Lafourcade performed solo at S.O.B.’s on Tuesday night, playing guitar or piano and stripping away the multifarious arrangements — sometimes orchestral, sometimes electronic, sometimes rock — of her songs, concentrating on her 2009 album, “Hu Hu Hu” (Sony BMG Mexico). But she kept the music’s whimsical grace.

Sasha Maslov for The New York Times
Natalia Lafourcade The songwriter and Latin Grammy winner performing at S.O.B.’s on Tuesday night.

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Ms. Lafourcade, who has been releasing albums since 2003, is a major star in Mexico and a Latin Grammy winner (for her 2005 rock album, “Casa”). Her music draws from places well beyond Mexico. She has learned the rhythmic ease and jazzy harmonies of Brazilian bossa nova; her set included a Spanish translation of the standard “O Pato.” Her recent single, a sarcastically cheerful revenge song called “Ella Es Bonita” (“She’s Pretty”), bounces along like a Lily Allen tune.

But Ms. Lafourcade also embraces music from Mexico; her set included her transformed versions of “Paloma Querida,” from the ranchera songwriter José Alfredo Jiménez, and “Kumbala” from the punky alternative-rock band Maldita Vecindad. She distilled “Kumbala” down to a three-note riff, a vocal line and a beat tapped on a tambourine.

Ms. Lafourcade sings about domestic matters — love, home, fears, hopes, memories — in ways that can be disarmingly candid or playfully surreal. In “Hu Hu Hu” she wants to give gifts to someone she loves: “I want to stop the wind/I want to stop time,” she sings. Her voice stays impeccably pitched, whether she’s sustaining a long line or hopscotching through a staccato melody. At S.O.B.’s, even as she was playing solo, Mr. Lafourcade or her sound crew subtly reshaped the reverb of her vocals as she sang, placing her closer or floating her in more ethereal phantom space.

While Ms. Lafourcade’s tone is innocent, there’s an analytical mind behind it. She is fond of minimalist repetition; every few songs she used electronic loops to turn plucked guitar notes into methodical vamps or to build vocal chorales. But she also defies patterns. “Azul” (“Blue”), a ballad, is a catalog of a child’s worries, from gaining weight to mortality. It began with a pecking piano ostinato, steady notes against syncopated ones, and a concise pop melody before it started to leap. Then it let the beat melt away and return, and as the song’s anxieties mounted, the vocal line climbed higher and higher, up to pure soprano tones. The emotion was volatile and vulnerable; the delivery was utterly poised, sailing above vulnerability with sweetness.
- The New York Times


Hu hu hu Special Edition (2009)
Hu Hu Hu (2009)
Las Cuatro Estaciones del Amor (2008)
Casa (2005) Natalia y La Forquetina
Natalia Lafourcade (2003)

Collaboration as a singer in various tracks (Alondra de la Parra, Ely Guerra, Natalia Lafourcade and Denise LoBlondo: Travieso Carmesí 2011)
"Mamá Tierra". (Macaco: Mensajes del Agua 2011)
"Nos llevamos tan bien". (Mariel Mariel: La música es buena 2011)
"Pajarito del Amor". (Carla Morrison: Mientras tú dormías 2010)
"Quisiera Saber". (Los Daniels: A Casa 2010)
"Largo". (Juan Torreblanca: Defensa 2010)
"Viviré para ti". (Los Amigos Invisibles: Commercial 2009)
"Luna". (Zoe Repilectric Revisitado 2009)
"Mira, Mira". (Celso Piña: Sin fecha de Caducidad 2009)
"Contigo". (El Canto Loco: Radio La Colifata Presenta 2009)
"Vaqueros". (Liquits: Kimono en llamas y el regreso de los insectos 2009)
"Diente Blanco, No te vayas". (Emmanuel del Real: Yo Nunca vi Televisión 2009)
"Young Professionals". (Piper Davis: Various Assets ´Not for sale´: Barcelona 2008)
"Just Words". (Piper Davis & Russell Elevado: Various Assets ´Not for sale´: Barcelona 2008)
"How many, how many". (Piper Davis: Various Assets ´Not for sale´: Barcelona 2008)
"Desde Hoy". (San Salvador: El Bolero Chilautero 2008)
"Estelar". (Capitán Melao: Lágrima 2007)
"Duele". (People Project 2006)
"Jardin". (Liquits: Jardín 2005)
"Ayudar es Amar". (Pepe Aguila, Reyli, Sin Bandera: Himno Teletón 2005)
"Tarde (EclipseLunar". (Quem: Callejero 2005)
"El Apostador". (Control Machete: Uno, dos: Bandera 2003)
"Día de Suerte". (Kalimba: Aerosoul 2003)

"Amar te duele" (2002)

"Busca un problema" (Natalia Lafourcade 2002)
"En el 2000" (Natalia Lafourcade 2002)
"Te quiero dar" (Natalia Lafourcade 2002)
"Mirame, mirate" (Natalia Lafourcade 2002)
"Azul" (Hu hu hu 2009)
"Ella es bonita" (Hu hu hu 2009)



Artworks respond to a sum of experiences that inspired their creation. An artist endows them with his/her perceptions and reflections – consciously or unconsciously– through ideas that become alive. Hu Hu Hu is the result of the author's escape and the finding of her own self. Sometimes, it ´s good to forget who we are so we can discover ourselves again as if it were for the first time.
Natalia Lafourcade was exposed to music from the day she was born. Her father is a harpsichord player and her mother a classical music enthusiast who created a method for early music education, which she began to put in practice on her little daughter. After leaving in Jalapa, Veracrúz, her mother later founded a music school in Mexico City when Natalia was just nine years old. Being surrounded with music since her early childhood naturally drove her into it and eventually led her to compose her first songs.
Once in Mexico City she spent her free time in her mother ´s school, playing with the equipment, making songs, radio shows and a variety of home-made recordings using a Yamaha keyboard plugged to a double cassette stereo; applying the method herself.
When Natalia was ten years old, she developed a peculiar passion for mariachis and typical Mexican music... but music moves in mysterious ways, and maybe her use of brass or strings and the colors of her harmonies still draw from those first loves. At the age of 14 years old she became part of a pop girl-band that lasted three years, after all this work she realized that it was not what she wanted and decided to study music properly in a school called Fermatta. At first she began as a guitar player, then as a piano player and finally she switched to become a singer. Although she had already been singing for a long time, by then she got gigs performing hits of the 90s in weddings and pubs.
Everything changed for her after Fermatta, there she made friends who would show her tons of songs and artists she didn ´t know before like Björk, Jamiroquai, Fiona Apple, Tori Amos, The Cardigans, Ella Fitzgerald, Radiohead & PJ Harvey, amongst others. This new music infected her composing, she would never be the same girl and musician again. A few months later she won a scholarship and went all the way to Berklee in Boston for a five week program of musical training; but she didn ´t speak English then, so she missed most of her classes and used the free pianos to practice, there she wrote about 25 songs and she later recorded a bunch of them in Mexico City with the help of a friend.
Three years later Sony Music offered her an opportunity to join a pop band (again), but she rejected it; she had become intent on making and singing her own music. However, getting to know the people in the record company (even to rebuke their offer) wasn't a bad idea, as it got her the chance to show them some demos. And, long story short, that ´s how she singed her first contract with Sony. Her eponymous first solo CD, Natalia Lafourcade, was thus published in 2002. The first single off it was "Busca un Problema" ("looking for trouble"). After the great success of this first record, and the experiences garnered by touring it, she had way too much to digest and think about, and she finally decided her next step would be to make her musicians a full part of her act, and to leave the limelight of the soloist position (partly) behind to form a band with them; calling themselves Natalia & The Fouquetina. This way the pleasure, as well as the pressure, would be rightfully shared.
The second record in Natalia ´s career and the first one with La Forquetina would be Casa (House), released by Sony in 2005. They toured, rehearsed, lived and surfed the waves of promotion and media exposure as a band; and after a while, they came to realize each member wanted different things for the future, and that the best for all of them was to separate.
At this point, Natalia had been working for five years straight; she made songs for films, for tributes, her own music and a whole lot of concerts all around the world. She was exhausted. She needed to find a place that could provide her some peace and freedom, somewhere she could take a break.
In 2006 she left to Canada where she planned to rest, study English and draw. Fortunately, things didn ´t happen exactly the way she expected; she stayed in a house full of musicians; lovers of folk, blues, french music and worldly fusions. She was not used to these new styles. It was all fresh and exciting to her, and once again, all these experiences and new horizons became an important influence to her through her most natural from of expression. And, so, before she knew it, she was already composing again.
One afternoon in a park, in Autumn, she got inspired by the falling of the leaves around her, to make an instrumental record about the faces of love. She wondered if it could be like a soundtrack to what we feel when immersed in the whole cycle of love. She jumped straight to it