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"I challenge you to re-write Fashion..."

For all those people that claim that dance music is easy to make, I challenge you to re-write "Fashion." Surprising even a doubter, Natalia Nazarova manages to cull a niche to call her own in the dance department. Big beats that bounce their way along to a noodling synth line that's less acidic than you might guess in these Neptunes days make for a fantastic listen and experience all together. - J-Sin / Editor /

"Pulsating beat that people love to hear..."

"Fashion" has the kind of pulsating beat that people love to hear when they go out to dance. Her [Natalia's] voice is beautiful...haunting, powerful -- she sounds like Annie Lenox with a European accent. - Keith "Musikman" Hannaleck


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International electronica vibe expected to satisfy fans and captivate new audiences

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – Natalia Nazarova, the Russian actress and singer who has captivated listeners and critics alike with her rich, silken voice and pure tone, has announced the world debut and broad availability of her new CD, Fashion, a collection of international songs spiced with sexy dance beats, seductively exotic vocals and cinematic spy-vibe soundscapes.

Stylistically, Fashion blends together elements of middle-Eastern, classical, pop, and hypnotic world rhythms that breath creative warmth into electronic music. The latest recording retains her well-crafted lyrics and impressive range, all wrapped up in an exquisitely-produced album that’s sure to get listeners worldwide up and moving.

“’Fashion’ has the kind of pulsating beat that people love to hear when they go out to dance,” said Keith “Muzikman” Hannaleck, in a pre-release review. “Her [Natalia’s] voice is beautiful…haunting, powerful—she sounds like Annie Lenox with a European accent.”

Both the title track and its “Global Domination” remix counterpart pack a catwalking-groovin’ punch, sure to move the crowd on the dance floor. Fashion also includes a pulsing cover of Sade’s, “No Ordinary Love”, a trip-hoppy track named “Lipstick Gun” that puts the listener in the world of international espionage referencing the infamous KGB secret weapon, and songs like “Dark Eyes”, “Betray The Motherland”, “Love And Loyalty” and “At The Matinee” conjure the exotic allure of Nazarova’s East European heritage. As she stretches her musical wings from song to song, it is apparent the entire album represents the depth of Nazarova’s personality and voice, channeling the raw energy of a singer who loves her craft.

She has been referred to by the Moscow press corps as the “Russian Julia Roberts,” and completed eight years of classical vocal training before taking four additional years of training in the Russian Academy of Theatrical Arts in Moscow as a student of Maria Ganeshina.

The effect of combining a classically-trained voice with modern music will delight Nazarova’s current fan base and entice new listeners. The result: a unique blend of influences resulting in her own style of international electronica.

Natalia Nazarova can also claim the unique experience of being successful on the international music scene, stage and screen. She has performed lead roles in four musicals in Moscow, won the Russian version of the Tony award, and then toured with a Russian national theatrical group. Her U.S. screen debut was “Postmark Paradise,” distributed in North America by Vanguard Cinema.

For more information about Natalia Nazarova, visit her website at Her new CD is available in the U.S. everywhere music is bought and enjoyed.