Natalia Zukerman

Natalia Zukerman

 New York City, New York, USA

Sophisticated, intimate and irreverent
her guitar playing can open a beer bottle with its teeth -New Yorker
the incisive songcraft of Shawn Colvin, the bluesy confidence of Bonnie Raitt, the Americana grit of Lucinda Williams, and the independent streak of Ani DiFranco, Zukerman commands - no, demands - attention -Berkshire Living Magazine


Natalia Zukerman is nothing if not versatile. In addition to performing her own shows of original music, over the years Zukerman has played lap steel, bass and/or guitar alongside Janis Ian, Susan Werner and Willy Porter, toured collaboratively with fellow artists Garrison Starr, Louise Taylor, Erin McKeown, Sam Baker and John Fullbright, with her art and music project comrade AG(Adrianne Gonzlez), with percussionist and vocalist Mona Tavakoli (Jason Mraz, Raining Jane) and with her annual holiday group Winterbloom (Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton, Meg Hutchinson). Her collaborative nature was captured on her critically acclaimed double live album Gypsies & Clowns that was recorded in Evaston, IL in September of 2012. She is currently at work on her seventh solo record, to be released in 2014 on Weasel Records.


* making of "Gypsies & Clowns: Natalia Zukerman and Friends Live at SPACE" -
* accompanied by Willy Porter at WCL "Brand New Frame" -
* opening for Ani Difranco in Iowa "The Right Time" -
* duet with Catie Curtis at Joe's Pub "Hello Stranger" -
* solo at Jammin Java "Come As You Are" -
* solo in La Grange "Better Me" -
* solo at Ottawa Blues Fest "Haunted House" -

On September 14th, 2012, Natalia Zukerman took the stage at SPACE in Evanston, IL alongside a lifetimes worth of collaborators and an arsenal of instruments. Over the following 2 hours, the room swelled with chemistry and charisma as some of the finest singer/songwriters and musicians in todays scene came together for the live recording of Natalias latest record Gypsies & Clowns: Natalia Zukerman and Friends Live at SPACE.
a celebration of musical community
alluring and impossible to resist.
- Seth Rogovoy, author, Bob Dylan: Prophet Mystic Poet

Guests include: AG, Edie Carey, Trina Hamlin, Anne Heaton, Erin McKeown, Willy Porter, Garrison Starr, Mona Tavakoli, and Susan Werner.


Only Trees

Written By: Natalia Zukerman

It’s been a long day
It’s been a long year
It’s a long, windy road
There’s a lot of dead deer
And she cries and cries with every one she sees
“There used to be no roads here,” she says, “Only trees…”

And all those antique shops
With all those vintage clothes
She loves those colored glass bottles
And wood-burning stoves
From a simpler time, when we didn’t rush.
We are missing so much

It’s been a long year
It’s been a long day
We say nothing cuz there’s too much to say
But I had your song in my head through this whole flat state
And this city is plastered with posters of your face

Lets open up a coffee shop
Or a corner store
We could have a honky-tonk with a sawdust floor
We could have some simpler times if we didn’t rush
I don’t want to miss you
I don’t want to miss you
I didn’t know I’d miss you so much

At the end of the day
At the end of this year
I know you’ll still be there but I will be here
Under a different sky and a blanket of stars
That might be the hardest part

I stopped in an antique shop
I looked at those vintage rings
They don’t cost as much
But they meant everything
To someone else in another time
Before I was yours and before you were mine

It’s been a long day
It’s been a long year
It’s a long, windy road
There goes another dead deer.
And you know I cried this time
I said, “How can this be?”
There used to be no roads here, only trees.

Gas Station Roses

Written By: Natalia Zukerman

Gas Station Roses
Last minute plea
Wrapped up in plastic like a leftover meal
That's what I got for all my time
gas station roses
And a dusty valentine.

I'm an old suitcase
In the corner
Covered up in stickers
Of the places that I've been
looking for someone
to come unlock me
Someone to come around and spin my little wheels


Well, I'm as worn out
As my Neil Young records
I'm as bored as Saturday down at detention hall
So write me something there on the blackboard
That would make the face blush on a paper doll

Or give me

Love is a sculpture
Cast out of plaster
And I went and I dropped her
In the middle of the floor
Now time's an asshole
That forgot your birthday
Went and brought you flowers from down at the corner store

You gave me
Gas station roses
Last minute plea
Wrapped up in plastic
Like a leftover meal
That's what I got for
All my time
Gas station roses
And a dusty valentine
You gave me wilted roses
From down at the five and dime
I got some wilted roses....

Bought and Sold

Written By: Natalia Zukerman

All the great minds of the world
Have passed through this place
To learn from our Masters
To take from our ways
Our ways, our women, our wine
Until all reason fails
Everything's a weight
When you are the scale
Oh, everything's a weight,
When you are the scale

So take a walk with me
Down a little Parisian street
Where every cobblestone
Knows the secrets that we keep
Oh, the secrets that we keep
And tell to no one else
But everything's for sale
When you are the shelf
Oh, everything's for sale
When you're....

Bought and Sold
Caught and told
When your arms are empty
What do you hold?

In bedrooms over here
No one seems to care
Skin to skin, heart to heart
That's for no one else to share
Oh, for no one else to share
Unless someone is around
Everything reflects light
When you are the crown
Everything reflects light...

When you're
Bought and sold
Caught and told
When your arms are empty
What do you hold?