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The best kept secret in music


" Music Panel Review"

"This is “Let the Candle Burn” by Natalie Brown. It’s R&B/Pop—sounds really good, also. The drum programming is really good and current. Natalie sounds really good. I like her voice. There are three things here. There’s the song, there’s the production and then there’s Natalie. I think Natalie sounds really good. I like the sound of her voice. She’s singing well. She’s got a sexy vibe, which is appropriate for the lyric here. Then there’s the production and the production is also really good. Natalie sounds really good. I think that she sounds totally professional. This is a really good song with good production." ~Dave Way, Veteran Mixer/Engineer (has worked on projects by: Spice Girls, Stevie Wonder, Prince, Jennifer Paige, TLC, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Mary J. Blige, Boys II Men and Babyface.) - Dave Way

"Gods Of Music"

"Right from the opening notes I know this is going to be a good song. This native Canadian, transplanted to San Francisco, understands the roots of the style she works in. The producer brings the song to life. The arrangement demonstrates the high standards Natalie and her team are striving for. Natalie has studied with world-renowned vocal instructors Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Deborah Cox) and Dave Stroud (Terry Ellis of En Vogue, Rosie Gaines). Run Away is a dance oriented urban contemporary / contemporary hit radio contender of the highest standards. It has a bit of that sweet seventies soul right from the intro. (I believe they’re calling that "neo-soul" now lol.) In radio this would fit brilliantly in the CHR/Urban landscape right up against Destiny’s Child and other female based R&B acts. Natalie made the decision to forego major labels in favor of focusing her efforts on the independent route, a decision that may keep her off mainstream radio. If she had signed with one of the bigger and more successful "major" labels, there is no doubt that her music would be receiving substantial airplay, as well as play on BET, MTV, and VH1. That’s how good this song is. Run Away is a mainstream top 40 hit contender. Natalie Brown is a hit contender. Natalie Brown’s Run Away should be getting major label distribution and airplay promotion. She’s got the look, the sound, the writing skill, the arranging, the production … this is the total package folks. This song brings a huge smile to my face." - Chris Kresge

"Music Dish"

"'You make me feel / The way that a woman should feel / You give the kind of love that is real / Yes, I sense it inside / You make me feel so complete, it's right.' Those are the opening words to the luscious ballad, 'You Make Me Feel', starting from the soft keyboards of Jeremy Rwakaara and the womanly voices of Natalie Brown. She's a Mariah Carey diva who overdubs her love like a true white soul sister. Her vocal range is the stuff that stars are made of, and between the performances and recordings, the only thing this Brown might possibly lack for stardom is luck. Brown is cool, Brown is all girl, all girlfriend, all in love, all positive about her relationship surroundings. She's also pretty brilliant about constructing ballads that you can wrap yourself in and feel the fur setting you to sleep. 'Wind At My Back' is particularly devoted, speaking of the personal journey Natalie has taken. 'With the wind at my back and the road 'neath my feet / With the gifts I was given at birth / No one can take them / I will follow my dreams / I will do what it takes.' And you believe her. It's not lite self-praise from an ego that fails to have the talent to back it up. The voice. She's got the voice. Most songs are written by Natalie and Jeremy, and indeed they are usually the only 2 performers you'll hear. Together they make an impressive sound that goes a long way to champion studio recordings over live music. Yes, a very positive recording. A role model for those girls just starting out in love or music. Titles like 'You Gotta Believe', 'Love Has Finally Called My Name', and 'More Today Than Yesterday' prove that it's better to look forward and Now than back. The beat will hypnotize you, the voices will enslave you. - Ben Ohmart, Music Dish Editor


'Let The Candle Burn'. ID30002
Identity Records.
Released 11/28/00


Feeling a bit camera shy


Born in Ontario, Canada and now residing in Washington, DC Natalie Brown’s path to recognition has indeed been a winding one. Natalie sung first soprano in the Assinaboine South Youth Choir in Winnipeg, Manitoba. After moving to Vancouver, B.C. in the mid eighties she made her way to California and landed a spot singing lead and background vocals on internationally acclaimed Gospel recording artist Ron Kenoly's "Welcome Home" tour in 1996. She toured around the country and upon her return, studied with world-renowned vocal instructors Seth Riggs (Michael Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Deborah Cox) and Dave Stroud (Terry Ellis of En Vogue, Rosie Gaines). In 1997, having gained more confidence in her voice and polished up on her songwriting, she began working on demo tapes and singing background vocals at local recording studios. She worked with several record producers to put together a handful of songs to shop around. Natalie signed a deal with an independent record label in 1998. Unfortunately, the company ran into financial difficulties and a year later, the contract expired without an album being released. Not one to feel sorry for herself, and now much wiser to the game, Natalie kept her eye on the big picture and in July 2000 accepted an offer from a label owned by the producer of her first album. "It was extremely rough at the time, but I realized that everything happens for a reason and things work out the way they’re supposed to," recalls Natalie. Natalie’s debut album was released in 2000 and contained thirteen original songs. "Let The Candle Burn" was welcomed by fans and industry personnel alike. "I’m very proud of how this album turned out," remarks Natalie. With the release of her debut album, Natalie continues to perform live and promote the album at radio, retail, on-line and on the streets.