Natalie Brown

Natalie Brown

 Cedar Rapids, Iowa, USA

Natalie is a Suzuki and classically trained violinist who mixes rock, Celtic, jazz, funk, folk, bluegrass, fusion, new age and other styles into her own personal style with no parameters!

High school orchestra educator. String improvisation specialist.


"Extraordinary violinist passionate performer, Natalie takes things to a whole new level whenever she steps on the stage. When sitting in with any of the myriad performers that have been so fortunate as to have shared a stage with her, she always shines and leaves us wanting more."~ Iowa Acoustic Music

Natalie Brown: Violin Crossings - November 2010 - funk, blues, rock, Celtic, fusion, new age - "Melodious and powerful, it's a front-to-back winner." Jim Musser, Iowa City Press Citizen (Nov 11, 2010)

Influences: Jean Luc Ponty, Bela Fleck, Mark O'Connor, Darol Anger, Stephane Grappelli

Genres: Folk, world, rock, jazz, Celtic, funk, fusion

Natalie is a current member of
Natalie Brown & Craig Erickson e-coustic Experience(fusion/funk)
The Mayflies (bluegrass-rock)
Co-founder of The Trollies (acoustic rock/blues –since 2000)
Cedar River Rats (jazz-bluegrass)
now!s (grunge)
…among other projects!

Natalie started Suzuki violin at age 5 at the Preucil School of Music in Iowa City where she studied with Sonja Zeithamel. She received her Bachelor’s in violin performance at the University of Iowa, studying with Leopold LaFosse. She also participated in jazz, ethnomusicology, recording engineering studies and theatre performances at the U of I. She received her Music Education certification from Coe College, and recently completed Masters of Music Education from University of Northern Iowa. Natalie is in her eighth year as orchestra director at Cedar Rapids Washington High School.
Instruments: Violin, fiddle, mandolin, viola, guitar, bass, piano, accordian, dobro, lap steel, bagpipes, djembe, er-hu, banjo
Typical onstage equipment: 1987 William Harris Lee acoustic violin with Fishman pickup. Various electric violins. Fender FM 62-SCE acoustic/electric mandolin. Peavey KB/A60 amp, Fishman LoudBox amp, Epiphone EP-1000R amp. Effects pedals - Morely Bad Horsie 2 wah, Korg ToneWorks Guitar AX1, Boss Digitial Delay/Reverb, Boss RC-20 loop, Boss distortion, Octave, Blues Driver, DigiLab chorus and delay pedals.


Tracks from current album, Violin Crossings are streaming online and getting radio airplay!

Violin Crossings Natalie Brown 2010

Contemplations ~Demo~ Natalie Brown 2010

Craig Erickson's "The Porch of Planet Pluto" 2009

Nikki Lunden's "Depends on the Weather" 2008

Jefferson Bergey's album, winter 2003

Bad Fathers album 2003

"Roundtrip Weekend", The Trollies, May 2002

"Fountain Pennies", The Trollies, May 2001

"AV-1", Label YMP, July 2000

"Phase Three, Stage One", Label YMP, February 12, 2000

"Oh For the Love of Christmas", Label YMP, November 24, 1999

"Oh For the Love of Summer", Label YMP, July 17, 1999

Ten Past the Dragon, 3 song EP, 1999 (Produced by Bob, San Francisco)

Set List

Natalie Brown solo:
-Solo sets can include traditional folk and Celtic music,
-or looped "one woman" band with loop and effects pedals -violin, mandolin, bass, guitar, etc. - rock, blues, funk

Natalie Brown bands:
With a group, original Celtic rock, blues, funk, covers and world music
-Duo (guitar and violin) ensemble
-Trio (violin, bass, drums)
-or full set up: guitar, violin, drums and bass as well as vocalist