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"The Boston Globe, The Boston Phoenix, Candy For Bad Children"

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BOSTON GLOBE, 12/05/2002
CALENDAR REVIEW: "LET" by Jonathon Perry
copyright 12/2002 Jonathon Perry

THE BOSTON PHOENIX "CELLARS BY STARLIGHT", by Robin Vaughan, copyright 12/2002 Robin Vaughan

Copyright January 2003 Candy for Bad Children

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Live EP: "5 Star Day" 2000

LP "5 Star day Plus 3" One Way productions/ 2000

Natalie Stars in the full length Indie movie "Metal" which also features her songs. For a review go here:

Album: "Let" 2002

"Boston's Best Singer/Songwriters"
Compilation 2002

"Dig The Boston Underground"
Compilation 2002 Featuring:
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Rick Barton [ex- Dropkick Murphys], Last Stand, Natalie Flanagan, The Ray Mason Band, Velveteen, Red Chord, Black Market Medallions, Emily Grogan, John Felice[The Real Kids], Caged Heat, and Binge

NEW RELEASE: "Sticks & Stones" tentative release date: April 29, 2005




Natalie Flanagan started writing songs and playing them in Boston-area bars in 1992. It was a wishful pursuit by an unschooled beginner, adrift in life, guided by raw musical intuition and a passionate desire to connect with the world.

It's a singular accomplishment for any artist to be able to put across the essence of what she's made of, purely, without disclaimers or pretension. Natalie's music is powerful and real because it's all true; it's all her. The songs sound like a dream overheard, a private conversation from deep in the middle of a memory. She takes you right into the soul of an experience; you can feel it. It's a beta state. It has no defenses.

"When I'm just playing in my living
room late at night, being quiet... I like
that sound... like if someone's really
tired, and they want to tell you something
important but they have to actually get
up to your ear and whisper it to you.
I like that quality of sound. It's really rich."

This is Natalie Flanagan: intimate and frayed, trustful and profound. Her minimalist rock/indie-country style has earned her comparisons to Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Tom Waits, classic trashy Rolling Stones -- all are among her central musical influences. But Natalie's ear is tuned to her own message, and her faith in her own instincts is unshakeable. Her 2000 EP release, "5 Star Day," was a bright promise of self-realization. LET, her debut full-length CD, marks the coming-of-age of a confident, astonishing original voice. Songs including "Come In, Tokyo," "Grace Under Pressure," "Long Live the King" and "Margot's Arms" get into your bones and walk around with you all day. Even when they break your heart in two, they keep you company. Produced by David Minehan (ex-Neighborhoods) at his Woolly Mammoth Studios in Boston, LET is a stunning showcase for Natalie's elegant sense of balance and unflinching musical honesty. This is the sound of struggle and strength; she doesn't give up, and she can't fake it. Her spirit is enormous, fierce and kind.

Sometimes, when we're lucky, music finds the people it was meant for.

For more on Natalie, her music and band info please visit her web site at One Way Productions.