Natalie Germann

Natalie Germann


Drawing on influences from acoustic music in various genres ranging from folk & blues to bluegrass & jazz, Natalie Germann composes original acoustic music that speaks for itself, and she presents it with a presence and integrity that are not easily forgotten.


Natalie spent most of her life growing up in the coutryside of Creston, BC. Her introduction to music began around age 4 when her grandmother taught her classical piano. She started playing guitar at age 13, and began composing shortly thereafter. After completing her grade 9 RCM piano and graduating from high school she took time off to travel and write before enrolling in the jazz program at Nanaimo's Malaspina University-College where she studied voice and piano. During her second year of studies there she encountered bluegrass music, and began playing the mandolin and performing with various bands around town. Her fascination with old-time music led her to start playing the banjo, which in turn led to the formation of a new band, Skagway, with Ira Pelletier on mandolin, Darrin Wiebe on guitar, Dinah D. on double bass, and Natalie on banjo. Her own music draws on this bluegrass influence, and also incorporates other musical influences such as folk artists Joni Mitchell, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, and the Band, as well as blues and jazz music. This eclectic mix of influences has given Natalie her own sound which has been honed by her experiences living in the country, travelling, and playing with various musicians in wide-ranging genres.


Natalie is currently recording her first full-length cd, which will be available for purchase summer 2008.

Set List

Typical set list features a mixture of original songs, and cover songs. Depending on the situation, repetoire and set length varies. A typical 45-60 minute set would feature about 12-15 songs. I have hundreds of songs in my repetoire; examples of some cover songs I play are: Joni Mitchell's "This Flight Tonight", Bob Dylan's "Don't Think Twice", Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", the Band's "Ophelia", Nick Drake's "Been Smoking Too Long", the Beatles' "Rocky Racoon", Bonnie Rait's "Guilty", CCR's "Suzie Q", Simon & Garfunkle's "Homeward Bound", to name a few, also many traditional songs such as "Shady Grove", "Trouble in Mind", and "In My Time of Dying".