Natalie Grace

Natalie Grace


My music is acoustic, eclectic, and soulful. I write music that can be a story, or a description of the emotional state that I or many of my peers are in. These songs are cacthy and have a strong female voice to lead them.


My name is Natalie Grace and I was born in Brooklyn, NY to a white mother and a Puerto Rican/ black father. My mother fled the state when I was one because my fatehr was abusive and I have never spoken with him.
I was always musically inclined, and I started to sing for as long as I can remember. The singing did not help the regular beatings I got from other kids on the playground. I have a childhood that I would not wish on anyone, not even my worst enemy.
I did not begin to write music until I was 14, and from then I could not stop. My influences were that of the Golden age in music as I like to call it: Janis, the Doors, Rolling Stones. As I got older I started to listen to the Velvet Underground, the Clash, Beck, Blur, and then Fiona Apple came into my life and tought me that even a girl can make a sound that gives the boys a run for their money.
There are many factors that set me apart from other bands. I am a girl, I write and record everything on my own, and I have a soulful voice. I find that my music is more intraverted than other bands, and I have a work ethic like no other.



Set List

Songs by Natalie Grace: Mourning, Rewind on Life, Stay, Fallen Heart, Sally Walker, Good to Him, Don't Worry, Solemn Blues, Your God, Another Mourning, Work Hard, El Dollar de Amor, Hey Corpus, One Chord Song, Don't Worry, Oh Lord!(Merry Christmas).

My sets are usually about 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Covers: You made me Love you, House of the rising Sun, Me and Bobby McGee, Favorite Dream, Don't think Twice, I will always love you, Killing me Softly, Since You've been Gone.