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Natalie Howard

Nerang, Queensland, Australia | INDIE

Nerang, Queensland, Australia | INDIE
Band Country Pop


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"Yesterday's Makeup - Natalie Howard (Independent)"

Gold Coaster NATALIE HOWARD has been promising so much and now finally she has released an album which allows her to showcase her talents both as a performer and songwriter.
Blessed vocally and with an ability to write songs with substance rather than just be album fillers, Natalie's release 'Yesterday's Makeup' is equal to any major label release both here or from overseas.
There are 13 tracks on the album, covering everything from ballads to upbeat sassy numbers which show Natalie's versatility.
No doubt listeners will try to draw comparisons with her and other artists and there are some similarities to Sherie Austin in some songs though Natalie definitely has much more of an 'edge' to her songs lyrically.
Natalie has more of 'west coast American' country feel to her music especially on tracks like 'Don't Be That Way Baby', 'Are You For Real', 'What Do You Want From Me' and 'Intoxicated'.
She manages to put plenty of emotion into her ballads, such as 'I Can't', 'I Want To Get Out', her duet with James Dean Hicks, 'The Long Night', the tender 'Love You Anyway' and the haunting 'Yesterday's Makeup'.
Natalie really shines, in my opinion, with her uptempo tracks like the opening 'Is It Just Me', her first single off the album, 'I Don't Want To Live Like That' and 'You Never Knew Me'.
This is a great album which Natalie should be very proud of and one which shows that country talents is alive and thriving on the Gold Coast. - Daily News, Gold Coast, Australia (Bob Anthony Jnr)

"Yesterday's Makeup - Natalie Howard (Ozstar Music)"

What a class album for a debut! With a relaxed, deceptively delicate voice that is absolutely listen-able, NATALIE HOWARD is destined to make a mark, both as a performer and as a songwriter. She lives the words she sings.
She first came to radio in 2004 with the crying 'Love You Anyway' and followed that with the hot 'I Don't Want To Live Like That' and the latest release, a duet with Nashville singer/songwriter JAMES DEAN HICKS, The Long Night', arguably the finest track on the album. 'Are You For Real, 'What Do You Want From Me' and 'You Did' are only some of the emotion-real offerings from this star-bound songstress.
Producer Michael Flanders has excelled himself with the superior workmanship, bringing every song a unique freshness.
Natalie's music is current and vibrant, with gentle touches of a youthful pop influence, yet comfortably and elegantly remaining country to the core. - Country Music Capital News, Australia (Deborah Minter)

"New Artist Spotlight:Natalie Howard"

August 29, 2006 - Natalie Howard was well on her way to a career in graphic arts when she got sidetracked. Drawn to music since she was a toddler in Queensland, Australia, Natalie got serious when she started playing in cover bands while attending art school. When she received a regional arts grant, Natalie took the leap, spending the money on a ticket to Nashville for her first country demo session.
Inspired by the city's songwriting community, she was soon making regular writing trips to Nashville, working with hitmakers including Rob Crosby, James Dean Hicks and Terry McBride. She may have taken a circuitous route to her country career, but when it comes to her songwriting, Natalie tends to get right to the point.
"I have always preferred a direct approach over a vague message," she said. "That's why I gravitate towards country music."
Along with American artists Patty Griffin, Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen, Natalie's list of influences includes fellow Aussies Kasey Chambers, Neil Finn, Keith Urban and one Australian country singer that preceded them all.
"I do adore Olivia Newton-John," Howard said. "She is the one voice that motivated all that I am today in my music."
The vocal similarity is hard to miss, and it hasn't hurt her a bit at home, where her debut single, "Love You Anyway," gained her a nomination in the 2004 Telstra Country Wide Southern Stars Independent Country Music Awards. Unlike Olivia, Natalie is as much a writer as a singer. She co-wrote every song on her self-titled US. debut, including the leadoff single, "The Long Night." a duet with Hicks, who co-wrote the song with Natalie and McBride. The single has generated significant airplay Down Under, where Natalie's career is already in full swing. Her rousing performance in the Chevy Sports Zone at this year's CMA Music Festival was proof that this Australian import is definitely on the right track. - 2006 CMA CloseUp News Service/Country Music Association, Inc (By Peter Cronin)


"Love You Anyway" EP.
"Yesterday's Makeup" CD
"Natalie Howard" CD
Radio Singles - 'Love You Anyway', (Australia)
'I Don't Want To Live Like That' & 'You Never Knew Me' (Australia & USA),
'The Long Night' Duet with James Dean Hicks, 'Is It Just Me' & 'I Can't' (Australia)
4 video clips in Australia (2 #1 hits on the Country Music Channel) & 1 video clip in USA (GAC TV)



About Natalie Howard
Australian born singer-songwriter, NATALIE HOWARD is presently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Her home town is the 'Gold Coast', Queensland, Australia.

She received a grant through the Redcliffe RADF [Regional Arts Development Fund] that financed a trip to America to write and record her first demo session. What came from that was her debut Australian album 'Yesterday's Makeup' and USA 'self-titled' release.

2004 saw the emergence of artist/songwriter Natalie Howard to Australian Radio. Awards and Finalist nominations gained with songs from debut album 'Yesterday's Makeup' and USA 'self-titled' release:

* Nominated for 2004 'Rising Star' of Australian Independent Country Music Awards with 'Love You Anyway'
* Winner and four time Finalist in the Tasmanian & New Zealand Songwriting Contest
* Semi Finalist in the (TSA) Tamworth Songwriters Association Professional Section with "Intoxicated"
* Nominated for 2005 Hawking Brothers Best New Talent category of the Victorian and National Country Music Awards with 'Love You Anyway'
*Top 10 in 2005 Australian National Songwriting Contest Contemporary Ballad with 'Intoxicated'.
* Top 5 Album for 'Yesterday's Makeup' in the Tasmanian & New Zealand Awards
* Runner-Up in the Bluegrass/Country section of the 1st IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards USA) with 'I Want To Get Out'.
* Finalist in the ISC(International Songwriting Competition USA) Country Category and No. 8 spot in 'The People's Voice Awards' of the ISC with 'The Long Night'
* Top 10 in the 2nd IAMA(International Acoustic Music Award USA) Country/Bluegrass Category with 'You Never Knew Me'.
* Won the 2005 CMC Best Country Artist Award in the Australian 5th Annual National Musicoz Awards with 'I Can't'
* Won the 2006 Country Song of the Year in the USA IMA (Independent Music Awards) with 'I Don't Want To Live Like That'
* Finalist in the Duo (National Section) of the 2006 Victorian & National Country Music Awards with 'The Long Night'
* Top 4 Finalist in Round 2 of the international 2007 Singer/Songwriter Awards with 'I Don't Want To Live Like That'
* Two time finalist and semi-finalist in the UK Songwriting Contest 2007 with 'I Want To Get Out', 'I Don't Want To Live Like That', 'The Long Night' and 'I Can't'.

Awards and Nominations gained since:

* Top 10 in the 'International' category of the 27th ASA (Australian National Songwriting Contest) 2007 with 'I Know I (Can Win)'.
* Top 10 Finalist in the 2007 Australian National Musicoz Awards 'Country' Category with 'Emotional Day'
* Won Third Place in 2007 ISC (International Songwriting Competition) 'Country' Category and gained an 'Honorable Mention' in Performance Category with 'Paint Me Blue'. Also gained a Semi-Finalist nomination in 2007 ISC Country category with 'Emotional Day'.
* Top 4 Finalist in Round 3 of the international 2008 Singer/Songwriter Awards with 'I've Been Broken'
*Won Second Place in 12th Annual Unisong International Songwriting Contest 2009 Country Category with 'Paint Me Blue'
* Top 4 Finalist in Round 2 of the international Singer/Songwriter Awards

In Australia, Natalie has had three consecutive Top 15 hits and one Top 10 on The Country Tracks Top 30 Chart, one Top 5 and two Top 15 on the Country Hot 30 National Country Airplay Chart as well as four Top 5 on the Top 100 Country Hits Chart. Two of her music videos reached the coveted #1 position on CMC (Country Music Channel) Top 30 Countdown, Australia's primary media outlet for country music.
In USA, 'I Don't Want To Live Like That' charted on The Music Row Chart as well as a Top 5 hit on The Independent Music Network 'Country Top 30 Countdown'.(Los Angeles to New York)

Natalie's debut AUSTRALIAN CD YESTERDAYS MAKE-UP is available through her website and all good music stores in Australia, and the American release "NATALIE HOWARD" is available in the United States . Distributed by 'CBuJ Entertainment' [ ]

Natalie writes from her own experiences from heartache to happiness. Her candid point of view combined with her female perspective makes for straight forward lyrics.
"I have always preferred a direct approach over a vague message when it comes to my own music thats why I gravitate towards country music as my main foundation even though my musical background is swamped with a mixture of pop styles as well as more traditional country classics. If it [the song] grabs my attention on more than one level then I love it, no matter what the musical style of the song or artist! Its the common experience deriving from the heart of the artist that attracts me. I'm a huge fan of singer songwriters. Co-writing has been such a great gift. I have learned so much and I have been blessed, inspired and encouraged."
Some of Natalie's collaborations include; Chas Sandford, Ronni Rae Rivers, Gary Burr, Jim McCormick, Alan Bennett, Brian Maher, Greg Crowe, Katy Kiefer, Rya Ehle, Ryan Tyler, Arlis Albritton, Tim J