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Natalie Illeana


"Natalie Illeana takes different genres to form eclectic sound for 'Unbalanced' debut album. She is a hard-to-pigeonhole mix of singer/songwriter melodic pop/rock packed with guitar hooks." Illeana is an undeniably talented word smith who possesses true prominence in the music business.


"Natalie Illeana takes different genres to form eclectic sound for 'Unbalanced' debut album" writes L. Kent Wolgamott of the Lincoln Journal Star. Taking instant notice of the smile-beaming California girl who recently settled in Lincoln, Nebraska. Wolgamott continues, "Unbalanced is a 10-song CD that's a hard-to-pigeonhole mix of singer/songwriter pop, rock and even a little bit of country." A melodic, pop/rock album packed with guitar hooks that get in your head and won't let you sleep, Illeana is an undeniably talented word smith who possesses true prominence in the music business. "Unbalanced" was released on January 1st, 2007.

But if one must compare, Natalie Illeana and her band would best be described as Rilo Kiley meets the Rock-N-Roll heavyweights, The Supersuckers; hard-edged and catchy rock that is unambiguously softened by her tranquil/melodious voice and introspective lyrics.

Writing songs at the age of 14, Natalie was raised an MTV child, coming into bloom when she and the world were swept up in the Nirvana revolution. In addition to the grunge icons from Seattle, bands like Weezer, Green Day, S.T.P. and The Rentals were coming into the light of the early 90's rock sound. They would shape her style and raise the bar for meritorious song writing, creating her own, "Illeana Sound."

Living in Los Angeles in 2005, Natalie began working at a global satellite music provider called, DMX Music. It was there that she met Emmy nominated producer, Greg Kincheloe, who agreed to cut some demo's of her recent writings. Kincheloe, who recorded artists' such as Collective Soul, The Supersuckers, Tenacious D, Motorhead, Heart, Gene Simmons,Tracy Byrd, Big & Rich and Switchfoot to name a few, said that he had found a true "diamond in the rough". Instantly, they began on what would become Natalie Illeana's debut album, "Unbalanced". Soon after meeting, Illeana and Kincheloe would be laid off from DMX Music when they decided to relocate to the slower paced lifestyle of Kincheloe's native state, Nebraska. There, they would complete the recordings on their own Trax Studio label/production company, controlling all aspects of the recording including production, album art, web design and copy writing. A well balanced mixture of business woman and artist, Illeana also started her own, "Girl on the Bike Publishing" company and has proven to be an ambitious, self-contained music entity in control of her future.

Completing the debut album in a little over a year, "Unbalanced" was released on January 1st, 2007 when she instantly took the following month to promote the release. Distributing over 700 copies to local radio stations, record labels and music stores in Nebraska, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Wyoming, Natalie Illeana proves once again that she has the initiative to get the job done. In addition to distribution and live appearances, Illeana has already written and recorded the songs for her sophomore album, to be released in the fall, 2007. "The more you do something, the better you get at it" she describes the song writing process. "I wrote bad songs for years when I started and would like to think I have them all out of the way now."

"Bored", the first song on the debut is a light pop number about finding things to do in L.A. including the suggestion, "We can take our clothes off." Next, "Hunt To Kill" hits immediately with rippin' guitars and tells a harrowing table-turning story of an older guy and young woman in which, in the end, a "confident heroine kills off masculine." "Highschool", song number 3, is ringing guitar power-pop flashing back with revealing honesty - "School always sucked, but we had so much fun." Next, "Girl on the Bike" speaks of longing to be a kid again, incorporating a strong Beatles beat and overall feel to the song. The title track, "Unbalanced" refers to adjusting to a new lifestyle, "...thinking of you as no part of me" and utilizes a very "Foo-Fighter-like" electric guitar voicing. The very album-rock powered, "James Says" is yet again a great example of relationships gone wrong. Layered with swirly, overdriven electric guitars, the hooks are delicious and very contagious. "Words Seldom Spoken" is the most intricately written and orchestrated song on the album. Teaming up with Steve Espinosa - music composer for The Food Network's, "Unwrapped" show - this song is absolutely gorgeous utilizing epic dynamics. Adding even more "spice for the stew", the song, "Grand Island" takes one on an unexpected bluegrass venture, contemplating the overwhelming change of moving from Los Angeles to the plains of Nebraska. Ringing 3-finger banjo picking, dobro, upright bass and acoustic guitar put to a country shuffle beat make "Grand Island" a very happy and bouncy song that many claim to be their favorite. Finally, "Wave" - a song which inspired Illeana while skateboarding in a swimming p


"Unbalanced" was released on January 1st, 2007
Second Album to be released in 2008!

Song Requests available at 90.3 KRNU
and THE RIVER 89.7

Set List

All Original Act Playing for 1 to 2 hours
2 sides of Me, Bored, Highschool, James Says,
Hunt to Kill, Girl on the Bike, Under the Bridge,
Rolled Belt, Line Em Up, Walk Away, Grand Island,
Wave, Words Seldom Spoken, Maybe You, Idiot,
Push Back, On My Own, Unbalanced, Trepidation is
back from Vacation, Sarah Song, plus various.

One set, one to two hours

Covers are rare and for tribute to:
SuperSuckers, Neil Young, Bright Eyes, Weezer