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Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | INDIE

Liverpool, England, United Kingdom | INDIE
Band Alternative Pop


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""The perfect song""

One thing I´ve never wanted to do: write a review for a female musician. but then I didn´t expect to come across someone like Natalie McCool.

Take christina, britney, miley, leona or even madonna and lady gaga – once you´ve made it through one of their records, you can´t help but feel like you´ve just heard the same song twelve times in a row. They may put on huge and (sometimes) great shows but that just proves that they´re mainly performer, not necessarily musicians. (Plus it´s totally ridiculous what they expect you to pay for a concert ticket but that´s another issue.) Real musicians don´t need such shows because they´re able to reach their audience through their music alone.

Speaking of Natalie McCool – if you haven´t heard her name or music before, you definitely missed out on something great. Just like goldtrip, she´s signed to grammy award winner steve levine on hubris records (mr. levine obviously knows his art!).

Natalie´s new EP “black sun” was released on 9 may 2011 featuring the title track “black sun” and two more songs, “size zero” and “your hero”. When I first listened to “black sun” I was quite surprised. I didn´t know anything about nNatalie or her music. I´ve seen a few pictures of her but that was about it. So I honestly expected something á la joss stone or christina aguilera. But “black sun” certainly proved me wrong. this song is as dark as it can get, just like the title itself. Mixed with some great vocals and a little bit (!) of (background) pop music, you´ve got the perfect song.

“Size Zero” is a completely different story. This song took me a lot of getting used to. It´s just as dark as “black sun” (the whole ep probably is) but the sound is rather different. Don´t ask me why but this tune sounds like a mix of phil collins, placebo and laith al-deen; and that´s certainly a pretty rare mix. The most touching feature here are the lyrics. Lines like “i will choke on my pride” or “her face wide and weary, not a hair out of it´s place” make you wonder. I came to like “size zero” after i had a close look at the lyrics. So if you have “trouble” with this song too, make sure you check out the lyrics properly.

The last song on “black sun” is a live studio version of “your hero” – my personal favourite. The unique guitar sound combined with natalie´s amazing vocals make this song a true pleasure to listen to. Natalie pretty much describes it herself when she sings “your voice is like a flame on a dying fire”. A great way to end the ep but see yourself.

If you like natalie´s ep “black sun”, I highly recommend her first ep “shoot shoot” which was released 25 October 2010 including the title track “shoot shoot”, “prophecy” (really really great!) and “little end”.

One thing that truly makes Natalie McCool stand out of all the bubble gum pop music that´s out there these days, is her sound - it´s dark and mysterious but at the same time warm and full of melancholia. Her music is simply unmistakable. Go on and buy both eps, put them on repeat and enjoy! xx

The “black sun” ep, as well as the “shoot shoot” ep are available on itunes.

Follow natalie mccool here:

twitter: - ConstantlyOnTheWayToABetterPlace

""Natalie McCool, the girl everyone should be talking about""

"If you haven’t listened yet to the haunting melodies created by singer/songwriter Natalie McCool, the girl everyone should be talking about, now is the time to do it because if the current forecasts are correct, she is going to be very big, very soon.

At only twenty two she has already gotten support from a host of musicians and dj’s, won the Make It or Break It award and put out two incredible EPs which she described as ‘alternative pop with a dark edge’.

Her newest single Black Sun is a definite sign that she is a force to be reckoned with. The track is raw and interesting; Natalie gives you no choice but to stop and listen to her – which with a voice a little like a British Tori Amos, is hardly a chore. It’s a rare treat from the pop world to produce something as unique and honest as Black Sun (and her EP of the same name) and my one piece of advice for 2011 is look her up now, because I am predicting big things." - Hannah Webster-Sudborough, MusicDune

""A highly promising artist""

"A highly promising new artist and I look forward to seeing Natalie McCool perform at major festivals and concerts in the future" - Harvey Goldsmith CBE

""McCool has that extra something""

"McCool has that extra something that makes her a cut above even her most talented peers" - BBC 6Music DJ Chris Hawkins

"Tha Cavern, Liverpool 02/11/2008"

Melodic lines soar, the instrumentation swells then diffuses, sweeps of cello provide some darker moments and subtle yet memorable choruses engrain themselves in the listeners’ psyche. - Liverpool Gig Guide

"Make It Break It"

"Extraordinary" - Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio 2)

"Monkey Chews 18/12/2008"

"A voice spliced with innocence and pain, her gentle lyrics and tender songs drip slowly into the consciousness of any eARs. Light guitar and strings create a soothing ambience, able to calm the most disorderly of minds" - eArMusic, London


'On Fire / Fortune' double A side - released 9th Jan 2012
01 On Fire
02 Fortune

'Black Sun EP' - released 9th May 2011
01 Black Sun
02 Size Zero
03 Your Hero



Natalie McCool. It’s a rare treat from the pop world to produce an artist whose music has such uniqueness and honesty. A blend of dynamic vocals and unforgettable hooks, Natalie delivers songs bursting with dark, deep lyrical metaphor that speak universally to all.

Natalie can count Stephen Fry, Chris Martin, Janice Long (BBC Radio 2), Chris Hawkins (BBC 6Music), and Sir Paul McCartney amongst those who have already recognized her talent, not to mention Grammy Award winning record producer Steve Levine, who hastily signed Natalie to his label Hubris Records.

Dark, edgy and exciting to listen to, her music is simply unmistakable.

"A highly promising new artist and I look forward to seeing Natalie McCool perform at major festivals and concerts in the future" - Harvey Goldsmith CBE

"Natalie McCool, Musical Genius" - Laissez Faire Magazine- Fashion, Photography, Music & Art

"I just love this track" - Janice Long, BBC Radio 2