Natalie Oliveri

Natalie Oliveri

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

My music is like having big bowl of your favorite ice cream!;) I put different styles of music (Latin/R&B/Hip-Hop/Jazz and Soul) into a creative blender to craft something “Eclectic”. It’s an amazing melting pot of musical goodness.


Chicago-based Singer/Songwriter

Blossom in the flowers…day in the evening hours…I come out and feel the heat as this passion comes into me…flows like sultry harmony —Natalie Oliveri’s “Lust”

Since her induction into the music world, Chicago-based songstress and writer Natalie Oliveri has infused her eclectic Latin Soul into the pulse of the city. Her inherent ability for writing touching, emotion-tinged lyrics seems intrinsic. “Natalie started writing music at such a young age and had an extraordinary ear for composing beautiful pieces, it all came very easy and natural for her,” says Gerald Rizzer pianist & coordinator of Chamber Music Ensembles at Sherwood Conservatory of Music. While she’s feverishly pursued music since eight-years-old, her focus was further cultivated once receiving her Bachelor of Art in Music Business Management/Vocal Performance degree at Columbia College Chicago.

Each song has a story, each word a purpose. Whether the soulstress is belting out tunes in English, Spanish or Portuguese her music carries layers of versatility transcending culture and connecting listeners on an international stage. In addition to her tri-lingual talents, her Columbian and Sicilian background play key roles.

“My mother of Colombian descent taught me about my Latin culture, the rhythmic folkloric dancing, the sound of the tambora and alegre percussion as you move to the music, the cultural passion that Latin music brings into your soul as you are dancing and singing. IT’S A WARM FEELING OF HAPPINESS THAT CANNOT REALLY BE EXPLAINED,” she says. But it doesn’t end there. “My Sicilian father on the other hand, was the complete opposite. As an Italian-American he introduced me to the classics of Motown, oldies, Elvis Presley, Minnie Ripperton, Frank Sinatra and all of the Italian greats. Growing up in the mid 80s supplemented me with the presence of pop while in the 90s I fell in love with the new rhythmic movement of hip-hop. As an artist, ALL OF THESE MUSICAL PERSONALITIES IS WHAT MAKES ME WHO I AM TODAY.”

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Written By: Natalie Oliveri

v1.Only in my dreams I see you, breathlessly you blow my mind.
Only in my thoughts I feel you, captivating luminously.
Time has moved you all around don't know just what you're looking for, hold real close and don't let go cuz your emotions have taken its core now baby..
v2.Siempre sueno amor contigo, me dejas en otro lugar con tu illuminacion tan bello. Un dia llagaras en el cielo de mi inspiracion and el mundo lleno de illucion.. ta cu tata ta.....
bridge. Ay amor...amor verdadero. Porque te siento tan lejos, dentro de mi corazon? Ay amor siempre estas en mis suenos, como yo te quiero, llename con tu pasion..con tu passion... En mis suenos...


Natalie Oliveri: EP Title: “Eclectic Soul”. Released in the US August of 2009.

Natalie Oliveri: EP Title: “Eclectic Soul”. Released in Japan July of 2010.

1773 and Arkiv: EP Title: “Sound Soulstice”. Featured on a song titled “Go To Girl” melody and vocal lyrics by Natalie Oliveri. Distribution in Japan 2010.

Set List

Set-list can be adjusted for every show.

Typical Set List is a mix of melodic Neo Soul with Motown elements fused with Jazz and Latin Rhythms. I like to engage the crowd and get people moving.

Time Length: 30mins – 60mins