Natalie Rivera

Natalie Rivera


Natalie Rivera is a lover of melodies, bass lines, intricate lyrics and energetic performances. She thrives as she allows herself to experiment with the quality and strength of her voice while presenting intense ideas in simple ways that connect with the listener.


A recent interview with Natalie:

"How did I get here? Man, it seems like my life has been some kind of narrow road that I took through decision and through indecision.

I started playing piano at the age of 9 and studied classically until recently. But really, what got me to where I am now was when I learned how to combine my classical playing and chords/playing by ear. I was 14 and this opened up a whole new world to me.

I had grown up listening to oldies- MoTown, The Beatles, John Denver, Aretha Franklin, Chicago...all beautiful and funky at the same time. Through high school and college I ventured into classic singer/songwriters- James Taylor, Stevie Wonder, Joni Mitchell- and newer acts like Sarah McLachlan, Damien Rice, Ben Folds, Bjork, Lauryn Hill, Norah Jones, Fiona Apple.

Throughout all of this musical exploration I started writing songs based out of my love for the piano and my heart for blues inspired singer/songwriters.

I was chosen to study in an artists colony on Martha's Vineyard in Massachusetts in 2001. I had a defining moment where I had to choose whether to live my comfortable life or to leave everything I knew and risk being vulnerable to others, my music...even myself. I decided to take the trip and have never looked back."

Natalie's intense, awe-inspiring vocals refuse to take the back seat in any situation. Her remarkable ability to powerfully shake a chorus, or eerily back off on a melodic tag enable her to create energetic and exciting performances that are enjoyed by all who listen.


Without Asking

Written By: Natalie Rivera

Oh, you're always on my mind
You can't seem to find your way back in
Oh, you're dangerous again
So let your words fall

The world has spun for years on end
Without asking you to lend a hand
So go on, walk on by, be just fine

We don't let the poets in
Our youth will be mislead, they say
You can build our matchless power
But let your words fall

If it's worth the fight, I'm fighting
Worth the price I'll pay

Can I Walk Alone?

Written By: Natalie Rivera

I can't fight this anymore tonight
It's time that I admit I don't know what is right
I ask these questions for the thousandth time
Can I walk alone?
Can I walk alone?

I'm drawn in by those dark eyes
Sometimes I wonder why I even try
Confidence is questioned reassurance leaves
Do I walk alone?
Do I walk alone?

There are times I walk the shadow all alone


"anything"- EP release 04/05
Recorded at SoulThink Studios in St. Louis, MO
Produced by: J. Benjamin Kesler

Set List

Full Set- approx. 45-50 min.
1. Without Asking
2. Can I Walk Alone?
3. Lonelily
4. Over and Over
5. I Don't Know
6. Don't Look Back in Anger
7. Ellen
8. Maybe...Maybe Not
9. Back to Me
10. Those Eyes

songs 1,9 by Natalie Rivera/J.Benjamin Kesler
songs 2,4,5,7 by Natalie Rivera
song 3 by Damien Rice
song 6 by Oasis
song 8 by Natalie Rivera/Kenn Shane
song 10 by Kenn Shane