Natalie Ross

Natalie Ross

 Guildford, England, GBR

My name is Natalie Ross and i perform a quirky modern 1940's pop. I would love it if you would take a look at my new single and music video...
I am a one woman band, my music is light heated and upbeat, with a couple of heart felt numbers thrown in too...and i pride myself on being a strong young lady making fun and inspirational music. My live show consists of loop station, vocal and guitar, i've added a link to show what i do below.

My music video:


One-Woman band Natalie Ross is a sassy and eccentric pop artist who will have you salivating in your seat, well that's if your not up 'n' dancing already. Her finely crafted songs and recordings, all written, co produced, arranged and performed by her ladyship, take an acoustic guitar, kooky vocal style and barbershop style harmonies to a surprisingly accessible sound. Natalie’s live performance brings new depths with her innovative use of technology. She converses an electrifying twist to homemade and DIY.

In November 2009- November 2010 Natalie was co hosting The Halfmoon Unplugged with Redvers Bailey at The legendary Halfmoon in Putney. Honing her songwriting and performance skills each week led to a new modern 1940's/ 50's pop/jazz/big band Inspired project. Vera Lynn and The Andrew sisters to name a few have been key influences.

May 2010 Natalie released an EP showcasing her residency at The Halfmoon Unplugged simply called 'Natalie Ross live at The Halfmoon Unplugged',
‘Me and Delilah’ Natalie’s debut download single released 12th September 2007 has been aired over 4 times on BBC 6music by Tom Robinson and Marc Riley as was Natalie's 'Shock to the system' released May 2009.

Check out Natalie’s new download single release ‘ You’ve got that feeling’ out January 28th 2011 with music video

Set List

Loop station, 2 mic satnds, vox and guitar