Natalie Wouldn't

Natalie Wouldn't


We are a smooth blend of ska. soul. and rock and roll. Our sound is best defined by our vocal harmonies and ska beat.


Based in Seattle, we have been together for 4 years, we have played over a 100 shows including venues like The Fenix, Studio 7, The Central Tavern and Folk Life. We write the majority of the music that we play. The covers that we do play are generally ska tunes from the 60s. Our song writing and styles are influnced by the first and second waves of ska. We are all mature and professional musicians who have been in other bands including Easy Big Fella, The Squirrels and The Crawdaddys.


We have recorded 15 songs professionaly and are about to relaease our first 10 song album in the next month. We have submitted our music to several ska radio shows and have gotten air play on several including Ska-T's Sceninc Drive CiTR 101.9 FM, Doctor Girlfriend's Sakmission on at and KGRG.

Set List

Our complete set goes for an hour and a half. Depending upon the audience, 21up, all ages, festival etc we will tailor our set accordingly.