Natalie Wright

Natalie Wright


Dirty sweet folk rock with a blues influence. Simple and honest lyrics bleeding through heart-wrenching melodies. As one fan eloquently stated, "It's like running over the love song with a 4-wheel drive truck and then backing over it again to make sure it's really dead..."


A Florida native born into a musical household, Natalie Wright was raised a steady diet of blues, soul, rock & roll, folk, and a slew of old bluegrass. Since her first live blues show at the age of 5, her love for music has grown into a relentless addiction. With 10 years of classical piano and music theory under her belt, Natalie has found her voice through the guitar.

At the age of 11, armed with her dad's hand-me-down Ovation, she taught herself the chords to her favorite songs by comparing guitar notes to those on the piano, picking and plodding until everything sounded just right. Six years of formal guitar training followed. She has since had the pleasure of sharing the stage with many accomplished musicians in the Northeast Florida area.

Natalie’s solo career is off to an exciting start, performing in venues such as Caffe da Vinci in Deland and The Bank and Blues in Daytona Beach. In August 2007, Natalie was spotlighted with an interview on The Scene with Tattoo Todd, a 95.7 WHOG radio show featuring local original music.

Natalie resides in Orlando, Florida where she focuses diligently on her songwriting and recording endeavors. She has recorded two 8-track EPs of original music. Her musical style blends blues roots with acoustic Americana, folk, and indie rock. Gathering inspiration from life in the south, incredible people, obligatory heartbreak, and hole-in-the-wall bars, her music echoes of real-life tales of love, loss, and the fuzzy in-between.


Strange EP (2002)
In the Stereo Light EP (2006)

Set List

Original Music:
A Long Way Off
All Seems Fine
As Good As What’s in My Mind
Come To Me
Devil Resurrected
Dirty Sweet and a Little Bit Moody
Everywhere You Go, There You Are
Give Up Let Go
God’s So Funny
Happy Song
High Maintenance
If You Wanna Be With Me
I’ll Be Right Here
It’s All Good
Make Me Beg
Maybe in Another Lifetime
My Apologies in Advance
Nowhere To Be On Time
Nothing's Changed
Price To Be Paid
Shouldn’t Tell You
Slip of the Tongue
Smile Damnit Baby Smile
Something Like Schizophrenia
This is Another Time
Tonight’s the Night
What’s That Say About You
You Know Me
You’ll Always Be Alright