Natalie Zoe

Natalie Zoe

 Austin, Texas, USA

Austin musician Natalie Zoe is a genre bending artist who mixes melodic sensibility with feminine power. She is an extremely versatile performer able to rock a room with a 5-6 member band or strip down for a 2 member acoustic show. Zoe has a new album out on VMG Records produced by AJ Vallejo.


Called "an Austin Musical Icon" by the Austin City Limits Fest Book (2003-2006), Natalie Zoe has enjoyed a wildly diverse career as a songwriter, guitarist, & bandleader. She has also had the distinct privilege of backing up and/or opening for such stellar artists as Don Henley, Ruthie Foster, Cyril Neville, Muddy Waters, Warren Zevon, Bonnie Raitt, Malford Milligan, Monte Montgomery, Carolyn Wonderland, and on & on...
Over the past three decades Natalie Zoe has expanded her repertoire of talents over many musical genres....from acoustic singer songwriter, to electric-guitar slinging rocker, to jazz singer, to singing with "The Gospel According To Austin".
She's had several styles—blues, funk—and she's even had a turn at country (singing background vocals with David Allen Coe and The Lost Gonzo Band). She's been flavored and colored by all this great music....and evolved a unique and sparkling distillation of it that she's now performing and recording.
Natalie has won several local music awards in her hometown of Austin, Texas, including "Best Solo Performer" (1977) and "Best Tape" (1993), as well as being voted into numerous other categories including "Best Song" and "Best Single" for "Fountain of Tears" (1996) and "Never Too Old To Swing" (1999).


Don't Wanna Run

Written By: Natalie Zoe

1) Tonight I feel like I’ve had enough
I’ve run out of hope, run out of strength
And I’m tired of times being tough
I feel like I’ve run out of everything
I once had plenty of

Cho: But I don’t wanna – don’t wanna run
I don’t ever, ever, ever wanna run
No – I don’t – don’t wanna run
Run out of love
Ref: No I don’t wanna – don’t wanna – don’t wanna run
No I don’t wanna – don’t wanna run

2) I’ve run out of words, run out of tears
Someday I’m gonna run out of time
Run out of dreams, run out of plans
Run out of faith that things will be fine

Interlude: I’ve run out of money – more times than I can count
And I’ve run out of patience – when I shoulda had an infinite amount
I’ve run out of food, run outta weed, and I’ve run outta wine
And I know someday I’m gonna run out of time
But even when I’m in the darkest shadows of doubt
There’s one thing – one thing that I can’t live without!


"The High Road" 2011
"Seven Chords and the Truth" 2004
"Never Too Old to Swing" 1998
"Wild Tonight" 1993