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Natalija Banov

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I write songs for children (from 3 to 15 years) Most of these songs are based on the Istrian scale, which is specific to Croatian folk music of the Northern Adriatic coast and on the Istrian Peninsula. Recording artists here use this tonal system for pop, rock and ethno jazz.


Natalija Banov (born in 1970, Rijeka, Croatia) is a teacher of music in a primary school, and a conductor of the children`s choirs. She is a song writer of children's popular music with a special interest in the Istrian regional music ( with its special istrian tonal scale).

She has been awarded 15 first and second prizes at children's pop music festivals in Croatia, and is the author of the first cannon of music in the Istrian scale in the world ( It`s based on the two-part non-tempered tonal system, a sequence of six tones).

As a conductor of choirs, she also works with classical choir programs. She won the highest award, the Golden Certificate, at the 49th Croatian Musical Youth Celebration, a state competition of the national choirs with classical choir program in 2006. Another one of the most important was Christmas Tour Berlin in1996. (Germany).

Her musical „Chakavian stories“ was performed at the International Festival for Children in Šibenik (Croatia) in 2006 and in the International Children's Theatre Festival „Marinando“ which was held in September 2007 in Ostuni, Italy.
Two of her songs were sung in the finale in the Sanremo Global Education Festival in Italy in 2009.
At the moment she is working on a musical for children called „New Day“.
She is also the author of two books with CDs with her original popular songs for children and she is author of great number of pop, rock and ethno songs for different choirs (for children from 3 to 15 years) with great discography.



Written By: Ivanka Glogovic Klaric

Far away- when the azure sky is bathing,
there-where the blue night welcomes the dawn,
azure is deep blue,
the blueness is gilded
and I don`t know-is this reality
or only a beautiful dream,
whether the charming night is sneaking
or the day is opening its blue eyes.

When the mirror of the sea is sprinkled with stars,
when the moon silvers the path to my thoughts
and the wavy sea whispers about eternal secrets,
I sincerely hope and I am sure that,
with the azure sea in my eyes,
the melody of my mother tongue on my lips,
my dreams are helping me
to welcome light-heartedly the new day.

Note: It`s song for children up to 12.


Written By: Ivanka Glogovic Klaric

Su si tu?
Si, da ca,
tu su si.
Si su tu.
Ov je tu,
on je tu,
te su tu,
ti su tu.
Ma za ca
su tu si?
Brojis ti!

Jedan, dva, tri,
rak va mreze spi,
cetiri, pet,
homo mrezu znet.
Ses, sedan,
nonic nan je vredan.
Sad je komac osan.
Brojit cc do devet.
Deset kad recen,
ko je - ki ni, ja gren!


Is everybody here?
Yes, there is no doubt:
She is here,
he is here,
they are here.
Everybody`s here!
But why are
all of them here?
You are `it`!

One, two, three,
a crab is in the net.
Four, five,
haul it out now!
Six, seven,
grandpa is hauling hard.
It is only eight.
I `ll count to nine.
When I say ten,
Coming, ready or not!


The chakavian dialect, the chakavian-type Croatian mostly used along the Adriatic Coast and the islands, has a specific possibility of expressing a lot of things using only two-letter words. What`s more, in our dialect (and Croatian language too) there are gramatical forms of personal and demonstrative pronouns than in English Language, especially in plural.
Grandpa is mentioned in the lyrics, because they are usually the ones that nowadays still go in for fishing with their small fishing nets.
Children in our country do not count to 100, they count to 10 only before leaving the chosen home base.


Mantinjada moru 1996. (Hymn to the Sea)
Jubav za sih je tu 2000. (Love to Everybody Here)
Tratinèice 2001. (Daisy)
Igrajmo se 2002. (Let's Play)
Od proljeæa do proljeæa 2003. (From Spring to Spring)
Pul mora 2004. (By the Sea)
Lovilo 2004. (Tag)
Od brojalice do pjesmice 2006. (From Nursery Rhyme to Song)
Ljiljani 2006. (Lilies)
Lipa mala 2007. (Pretty Girl)
Vežièki tiæi 2007. (Vezica Girls)

Set List

1. Novi Dan ( New Day)
2. Lipa mala (Pretty Girl)
3. Skrivalo (Hide and Seek)
4. Morem opèinjena (Sea Obsession)
5. Galebovi (Seagulls)