Adelaide, South Australia, AUS
BandRockAdult Contemporary

Nat and Sienna are a song writing duo based in Adelaide, South Australia. Their tunes range from stunning poetic melodies, to upbeat pop songs with a refreshing melodic edge.


One of the aspects that make Nat and Sienna so unique is that they are both lead singers, and they are both multi-instrumentalists. Their self-produced recordings contain piano, guitars, organs and rich vocal harmonies.

A typical gig line-up has Nat on vocals and acoustic or electric guitar; and Sienna on vocals and bass guitar or keyboard. However, usually an acoustic set is also included somewhere in their shows.

It is their natural sense of harmony that has people likening them to bands like Crowded House and Angus & Julia Stone. Although when asked who their influences are both members agree that they don’t try to sound like anybody.

“We just play whatever sounds good to us, and it’s probably true that there will be traces of other artists we like within our music, but between both of us, we enjoy a huge range of styles.”

Their influences range from Ben Harper to Harry Connick Jr; Eva Cassidy to Outkast.

Although Nat and Sienna have only recently emerged as an original band, they have been performing together as a cover duo since 2008.


Sunday Mourning

Written By: Nathaniel Pike

Verse 1
It’s hard to find your way
So hard to find your way
Or find the words to say,
You take your precious lies
You put on your disguise
They see it in your eyes
They see

Sunday mourning,
Lost my shoes,
I am lost in you.

Verse 2
Oh it’s a mystery
Yes it’s a mystery
Oh how it came to me
The sky is made of gold
Its story has been told
Your stories growing old
You know


Sunday mourning,
Lost my shoes,
I got lost in you.

Wipe away your tears

Written By: Nathaniel Pike

Heard the words a million times
Heard it in 1 Million rhymes
There’s People Hurting Everywhere
You gotta take some time to contemplate
Why you’re always running late
Investigate the reasons for your crimes
For your crimes

It’s hard enough just to survive
When you’re struggling to stay alive
Who ever told you life would be this way
As you start to change it with a smile
Don’t worry if it takes a while
Just read a book to find out what to say

Wipe away your tears
Or when tomorrow comes you’ll be counting your years
You gotta wipe away your tears
Or when tomorrow comes you’ll be counting your years

Can I come and stay a while
Help you make another child
Hesitating will only bring you fear
As you stick the knife into her heart
While you tear her life apart
Whisper words of hope into her ear



Nat and Sienna (self titled) 10 track album