Natasha Barsh

Natasha Barsh


Natasha Barsh's music is labeled as Contemporary Christian, more specifically, Pop Rock. Her songs integrate Rock with R&B, Punk Rock, and some Techno. On the softer side, her music includes guitar picking songs and piano ballads. Natasha and her band portray an image reflecting the Pop Rock genre.


Natasha Barsh's heart and passion has always been for the evangelism of those who do not know Jesus Christ as Savior, and those who have experienced difficult life circumstances. With this mission, in 2004 she launched Natasha Barsh Music and began writing with producer/manager, Michael Warner.
With original songs, 2005 and 2006 marked new highlights in Natasha's musical career. Title song "Stained Glass Stories" was chosen as the theme for the Children's Advocacy Center, and has been performed for various benefit events.
In the spring of '05, Natasha was invited to be the musical entertainment for Darrell Scott's "Columbine Redemption" tour in Dunmore, PA. Original song "Chain Reaction" was debuted at this event, and was sent for consideration to be a part of an anticipated movie based off of the famous book, "Rachel's Tears."
The band was formed prior to a benefit concert supporting a mission trip to Trinidad and Tobago, where they performed with three other bands originating out of Northeastern PA. Natasha and her band members hail from Pennsylvania, as well as New Jersey, creating a mix of highly skilled musicians from both states.
Following it's formation, the band was requested to appear at the Extreme Impact Teen Event at the Penn State University Campus in Dunmore, PA. Fittingly enough, the core purpose of the band is to have an "extreme impact" on those who hear their music. They accomplish giving their listeners subject material to chew on and uplift them, as well as a great show.


Natasha is currently working on her debut album entitled "Stained Glass Stories."

Set List

In a typical set, Natasha and her band will perform 8 original songs and 4 cover/worship songs (depending on the venue). Average time - 45 minutes.

Original Songs
1. Crystal Cathedral
2. Did it for Me
3. Pray 4 Me
4. Stained Glass Stories
5. 1000 Miles
6. Over Now
7. Even Jesus Cries
8. Fallen