Natasha Jewels

Natasha Jewels

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Rock infused pop reminiscent of U2 and Hall n Oates.


Growing up in a St. Lucian household in Middle America created an interesting musical diaspora. Her parents’ love of ska, calypso, reggae, and cadence influenced Natasha’s musical tastes. As her family began to intertwine American culture into their own, the sounds of country, rock and funk music could also be heard in her home. Natasha’s interest in music was encouraged in the household as her parents also had their own band performing Caribbean music and Top 40.

Natasha’s love of music led to writing, producing and performing songs for her parent’s band, Kojo. Natasha has now started her journey as a solo artist where she fuses all of her experiences into a fresh, edgy sound that attracts music lovers seeking an artist to get them excited about music again.


"Iron Forest" single available on iTunes and internet radio

Mixtape Vol 1: Sapphires ep available on Soundcloud