Natasha Miller

Natasha Miller


Spunky, sassy jazz chanteuse. Think Norah Jones and Diana Krall but with kick!

There's spunk, sass, and soul coming from Natasha Miller's instrument-a voice that one minute leaves you with intense longing and sorrow, then turns you around in the next and inspires you to jump up and clap your hands. Hers is the innate gift of being able to feel the special magic of a song and summon the listener to the same experience.

Natasha's first release in the jazz genre, Talk to Me Nice, (Poignant Records) is an album of standards, but as a fan writes, "Call these tunes standards if you must, but there's nothing standard about the way Miller brings these jazz treasures to life."

Natasha is also a pop-rock singer/songwriter and a classically trained violinist, but you won't notice much of those styles seeping into the material on this album. She sings each song the way it was meant to be sung-simply, from the gut-and always with her own signature.

Produced by Miller, along with her bassist/recording engineer Jon Evans (who tours with the pop singer Tori Amos), Talk to Me Nice showcases Natasha's moxie with the flirtatious Peel Me a Grape and the worldly wise Makin' Whoopee. She reaches back into the swing songbook of the 40's with Stompin' at the Savoy and lingers sensually in the bossa-tinged Day by Day. She glows as she interprets the classic, Good Morning Heartache...there's no question she has plumbed the depths of complicated emotion. Natasha includes some of her own writing-the poignantly simple My Sleep, tenderly accompanied by the expert hands of pianist Michael Bluestein (Kitty Margolis, Jacqui Naylor) and the foot-stompin' You're My Man, inspired by the great Bay Area blues maven Faye Carol.

Natasha's natural gift for lyrical interpretation, Evans' eloquent production, and a cadre of top-flight musicians, including Dan Foltz on drums, Rob Roth on tenor sax, and Jeff Lewis on trumpet, make this album a fantastic listen from beginning to end. For Natasha, it's a celebration of a dream she had from the time she was a little girl growing up in Des Moines, Iowa. "I wanted so badly to be a singer, to sing for people, to touch them in some way. Now I'm per-forming and have recorded this material that will outlive methis way I've made my mark, and made a contribution." She adds, "I've been bitten by the recording bug, so expect many more albums from me!"


Talk to Me Nice 2002
It's All About Love (Jamie Davis, lead singer for the Count Bassie Orchestra)

Set List

Can do up to 3 (:50 min) sets
Peel Me a Grape
Makin' Whoopee
Stompin' at the Savoy
Autumn Leaves
What a Wonderful World
Good Morning Heartache
My Favorite Things
At Last
Devil May Care