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"Long Road Cd Review"

CANADA (Sasha Stotlz Publicity): Last week, my mother and I spent the day doing a little bit of Christmas shopping for my sister, her husband, and friends. When I put in Natasha Waterman's Long Road in her car to pass the time, both of us were on the same tune.

Long Road is the debut album from Waterman, who is best known as a songwriter for several of Canada's biggest stars in music, and this CD may gave the breakthrough she needs as a solo artist. The tracks definitely have an Earth-like, soulful as well as jazzy feel. With a smooth and cool voice, Natasha Waterman may sound like Lauryn Hill and India, however, her style is her own.

The title Long Road could be define in two ways: Natasha Waterman's journey into the studio to make this album, and the 10 slow yet sensitive tracks that deals with affairs of the heart in more ways than one -- breaking down the glamour and the romanticism of it, especially where Tiger Woods is concerned. - Garrett Godwin

"Timeless Music"

Long Road is the debut album for Natasha Waterman, and it has definitely been a long road for her. She has found success as a songwriter for several Canadian artists as well as writing the theme for the Hill Harper film Love, Sex, and Eating the Blues. "The album is going against the grain. It's got soul, but it's got an easy rock" Natasha states, who has been singing for the past decade. Like Sean Jones' music similar to Usher and Lenny Kravitz. Critics and fans compare Natasha to superstars like Sting, Alicia Keys, The Beatles, Tina Turner, and Arie.

"My music is timeless. Ten years down the road", she said, "it'll still sound the same. In writing for other people, I found out what kind of artist I am. My sound is my own. It's a heartfelt album; it's about life and love."

Though she is new on the scene as a solo artist, the engine is about to fire up and get ready to go, with a recent live show at the Chic Lounge late Thursday night, and she is looking forward to tour in April 2010.

With Long Road, people are able to understand the honest lyrics due to the recent revelations of Tiger Woods' adultery that may have not put a damper on his golf career, but it has tainted his image as a beloved family man. "I'm a very modest person" Natasha humbles, "but there are five solid tracks that stand out like 'All I Wanna Do', 'All I've Ever Known', 'Speechless', 'Where the Ocean Meets the Sky', and 'Confessions'. I've read from my heart. 'Confessions' is more than the women did wrong than the man. It's not about adultery; it's about doing wrong. Long Road will hit home for a lot of people."

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One by One - Single
Long Road - Album



Who is Natasha Waterman you ask? Well she's the kind of person, people take a liking to right from the start. She wear's her heart on her sleeve, she's passionate and full of life as believer of the impossible.

Natasha's the kind of woman that loves you first and understands you wholeheartedly. With this gift of love and understanding she becomes like family and before you know it she'll have your back as if you were friends for years!

Now imagine just that in a song! Her music makes you feel at home, with her warm sultry tones and breathy notes you feel the comfort of simplicity. As a single mother of 2, Natasha is destined to be a household name. Providing a home for her children and taking on a complex career, she has achieve so much including her first CD titled Long Road.

For Natasha it started at the age of 11, writing was her outlet and even more so her passion. Through the years between balancing music and raising her beloved children she has shown them, the results of hard work and dedication. She's not a quitter even when it would have been easier for her to change her career focus, her drive and loyalty remained.

This singer songwriter has evolved tremendously, from different genres of singing to different genres of writing. In 2003 she had her song State of Emergency placed in David Sutherland's featured film, Love, Sex and Eating the bones starring Hill Harper. Followed with co writer Rikoshay in the song One by One, featured in the CBC's movie Doom's Day, the song did well considering it was released locally. Natasha then took some time to find her own sound and did some writing. Her timing was good, she landed 3 co writes on Double Platinum Selling, Canadian Idol, Kalan Porter's Album 214 Days. There after returned the next year to have 2 songs placed on Canadian Idol Melissa O'neil's self titled album which her song Speechless released as a single. Not to mention the success she has had on previous recordings with Choclar, Ivana Santil, Mr. Roam, Brass Monk, In Essence including co writes with Randy Bachman of Turner overdrive, Marc Jordan, Bobby Cameron, Luke McMaster, Tupelo Honey, Will Pugh of the Cartel's, Rupert Gale, Rob Wells, Robbie Patterson, Vince DeGiorgio, David Martin and many more.

Independently Natasha Waterman has brought forth an inspiring album with the best of soulful easy listening music. Her album is a blend of great songs that cross all genres in one way or another. She can not be boxed into a genre for what she is, is popular it speaks to the masses. Long Road is about love and life!

I asked her to tell me one thing that she lives by... She said " Do what you have to, to do what you love"